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№ 1 (20) - 2011

Plant Growing

Vologzhanina E.N., Batalova G.A..
Production traits of naked oats in dependence on predecessor and seed rate
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Koryakovtseva L.A., Volkova L.V., Kharina A.V..
Connection of duration of a growing season, productivity and quality of a grain summer wheat variety Bajenka with meteorological conditions

Shchennikova I.N., Kokina L.P., Butakova O.I..
Estimation of world barley genepool on grain size under condition of Volga-Vyatka district

Sofronova E.S., Tikhvinskiy S.F..
The new source material for breeding flax-dolgunca in condition of the Northeast Nechernozemiya Russia

Byval'tsev A.V., Perevozchikov E.A., Ukraintsev V.S..
Increasing sowing quality seeds decorative plants of the coniferous sorts by ultraviolet irradiation

Skupchenko L.A., Zaynullina K.S..
Prospects of cultivation of species of genus Cotoneaster Medik. in the north (Komi Republic)


Lukin N.D., Lapidus T.V., Borodina Z.M..
Bioconversion of starchcontent raw materials as aim to create functional products

Agriculture, Agrochemistry, Amelioration

Kamin'skiy Ya., Maletska A..
Application of mineral fertilizers in Poland and its influence on the environment

Mikhaylova L.A., Aleshin M.A..
Effect of potassium fertilizers on feeding value of spring grain crops

Zubarev Yu.N., Fomin D.S..
Influence of the basic processing of soil and заделки straw in soil on productivity and its structure in a link «a winter rye-barley-oats» in Predyralie


Rusakov R.V., Garifullina N.A..
The usage of a complex biologically of active materials with antioxidant by properties in a feeding pregnancy of the cows

Baranov А.V., Sirotina M.V..
The structure of the nasolabial muzzle of yaroslavskaya and red gorbatovskaya breeds

Kistina А.A., Kuleshov V.E., Alukaev M.P., Prytkov Y.N., Gur'yanov A.M..
The effectiveness of application of selenium containing preparations in feeding of xoung bulls

Solov'eva A.S., Domskiy I.A., Bel'tyukova Z.N., Timoshenko M.A..
Correction microflora gastrointestinal silver foxes probiotics subalin

Veterinary Medicine

Sisyagin P.N., Sisyagina E.P., Nikulin D.M., Yuldashov Yu.B., Redzhepova G.R..
Immune status of calves with respiratory pathology and its correction


Loparev A.F., Sudnitsyn V.I., Komkin A.S., Faskhutdinov M.Kh..
The forming of drive power in propulsive agent with top drive track, three beam suspension two fastened support-adjuster rollers and weight tension of all track of three-cornered contour

Sysuev V.A., Isupov A.Yu..
The Study worker process load scraper transporter for division and peelings from admixtures of the corn material


Ivanov V.A., Terent'ev V.V..
Research on agrarian economy in the European north - east of Russia