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№ 2 (21) - 2011

Plant Growing

Maysak G.P., Voloshin V.A..
Comparative estimation of winter triticale varieties at cultivation for grain in Predural


Lapteva N.K., Safina N.Z..
Effect of rye raw material on moisture changes and shrinkage of wheat-rye bread and glazed gingerbreads during storage

Fodder Production

Kuchin N.N., Tsikunova O.V., Mansurov A.P., Shishkina I.A..
Use of biopreparations at making of silage from perennial legumes

Kuz'minykh A.N..
The influence of seed rates of vetch and oats on the productivity and quality of green mass and forage grain

Agriculture, Agrochemistry, Amelioration

Pasynkova E.N., Zavalin A.A., Makarova Ya.V., Pasynkov A.V..
Effectiveness of mixed sowings of spring cereals and legume crops on North-East of Non-Chernozem Region of European Russia

Kosolapova А.I., Mikhaylova L.A., Aleshin M.A..
Use of withdrawal of the processing enterprise «AVISMA» for fertilizing of corn cultivated for green forage

Almetov N.S., Goryachkin N.V., Nazmiev Kh.Z..
Influence of means of chemicalization on productivity and quality of grain of spring wheat


Brandorf A.Z., Ivoylova M.M..
The use of honeybees for pollination of red clover in the Kirov region

Berezina Yu.A., Bespyatykh O.Yu., Kokorina A.E..
Biochemical pattern of blood serum of young minks

Agalakova T.V..
Effect of varying of length of dry period on earlier insemination of cows after calving

Sokolov N.V., Baranov А.V..
Technology of organization of elk farms

Mukhamedyanov M.M., Plotnikov I.A..
Application of by-products of fruits and berries in feeding of fur animals

Veterinary Medicine

Ermolina C.A..
Pharmacological correction of immune system of calves, patients with bronchopneumonia

Krotov L.N..
Role of microbe and fungoid factors in aetiology and development of post-natal diseases in cows


Burkov A.I., Glushkov A.L..
Definition of optimum amplitude and oscillation frequency of sieve boot of the machine of preliminary grain clearing МП3-50
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Galkin V.D., Grubov K.A..
Parameters and modes of action of improved gravity separator for seeds

Venglinckiy A.M., Shmakov V.A., Faskhutdinov M.Kh..
Relationship of slipping of drive wheels of the tractor with the action of its engine in agricultural technology unit


Volkova S.N., Potemkin S.N..
Agro-business companies and their anthropogenic impact

Shediy E.G..
Structural features of formation of agrarian holdings in Belgorod region