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№ 3 (22) - 2011

Plant Growing

Lisitsyn E.M..
Pigment complex of winter rye under conditions of edaphic stress

Torop E.A., Chaykin V.V., Torop A.A..
Method of estimation of winter rye selection material for lodging resistance

Shalaeva O.V..
The features of the growth and development of Elymus sibiricus L. at introduction into middle taiga subzone of the Komi Republicми

Fodder Production

Lapshin Yu.A., Izmest'ev V.M., Mertvishcheva O.A..
Cultivation of winter crop agro-phytocenoses with participation of triticale for green mass and grain fodder
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Agriculture, Agrochemistry, Amelioration

Makarova T.S..
Productivity of winter rye and efficiency of elements of crop rotation оn sod-podzolic soil under conditions of Kirov area

Popova S.I., Nevolina K.N..
Efficiency of use of mineral fertilizers on winter grain crops in Predural

Balandina S.A..
Dynamics of formation of above-ground mass and nitrogen content of oats plants by growth stages


Egorashin V.G., Orlov B.N..
Use of informational ultrahigh frequency radiation and sound diagnostics in researches on honey bees (Apis mellifera L.)

Korotaev V.M., Suntsova N.A., Gazizov V.Z..
Influence of sedimin preparation on the content of micronutrients in whey and integral blood of females of a raccoon dog (Nyctereutes procyonoides L.)

Veterinary Medicine

Tatarnikova N.A., Permyakova I.N..
Effective schemes of medical treatment of cows with postnatal gynecologic diseases

Ivanovskiy A.A., Timkina E.Yu., Latushkina N.A., Kuznetsova N.V..
Effect of BCL on common resistance of calves and sucking-pig


Baranov N.F., Zykin A.A..
Study and optimization of working action of hammer crusher for rough forages

Novozhilov A.I., Vazhenin A.N., Lukashin E.A..
Features of intensive methods of seasonal use of technological complexes in plant growing

Shirokov G.V., Sozontov A.V..
Improving the quality of sowing seeds of crop improvement by milling skid sod seeders

Yakovets A.V., Shumakov V.V..
Physical and mechanical properties of seeds of tilled crops

Mukhamad'yarov F.F., Ostal'tsev V.P..
Models of soil deformation at estimation of interaction of tractor's movers with soil


Erofeev A.A., Kargin Yu.I., Zakharkina R.A..
Economical estimation of variety changing and renovation of winter crops