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№ 5 (24) - 2011

Plant Growing

Zhuykova O.A., Sheshegova T.K., Batalova G.A..
State of gene pool of oats on resistance to basic diseases and frit fly, and sources of the character on the North-East of Non-Black Soil zone of Russian Federation
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Koryakovtseva L.A., Volkova L.V., Kharina A.V..
Initial material of spring mild wheat for selection on productivity under conditions of North-East of Non-Chernozem zone of Russia

Belyaeva R.A., Rubtsova V.E., Parshukova T.V..
The study and creation of the initial material of reed canary grass under conditions of the Republic of Komi

Eroshenko L.M., Eroshenko A.N., Romakhin M.M., Eroshenko N.A..
Selection improvement of spring barley for adaptability in Non-Black Earth Zone

Korepanova E.V., Fatykhov I.I..
Effect of varieties and seeding rates on seed production of flax in the Sredneе Predyraljе

Savintseva L.S..
Indexes of fluctuating skewness of birch (Betula pendula Roth.) under anthropogenic impact on example of Kirov city

Fodder Production

Salova L.A..
The influence the level of mineral nutrition and the ratio of seeds in the seeding rate on the yield of grain mixture of barley and lupines

Agriculture, Agrochemistry, Amelioration

Lyskova I.V., Makarova Ya.V..
Efficiency of action and aftereffect of phosphoric fertilizers on sod-podzolic loamy soil under different acidity degree

Prokina L.N..
Рroductivity of the spring wheat in dependence on lime, micro- and macrofertilizers in the field crop rotation with legume and cereal grasses

Rabinovich G.Yu., Smirnova Yu.D..
Estimation of efficiency of influence of new liquid-phase biosubstance for growth of plants of spring wheat and some soils parameters


Kizhaev M.F., Krisanov A.F., Gorbacheva N.N., Gur'yanov A.M., Shchegarina M.V..
Some aspects of the same all-year cows’ feeding

Kokorina A.E., Bespyatykh O.Yu..
Macroanatomic changes of the lymphoid tissue of small intestines of the fox and the polar fox under influence of succinic acid

Kolesnikov V.V., Mashkin V.I..
On the relationship of marmots (Marmota) and predators which pursuit them

Veterinary Medicine

Ivanovskiy A.A., Timkina E.Yu., Ogarkova I.S., Perminova Z.K..
Identification of efficiencies doses of bioinfusin for white mouses


Ushakov Yu.A..
Numerical modeling of a hydrodynamic stream in a dairy line of the milking machine

Savinykh P.A., Fedorov O.S., Ivanov A.G..
The theoretical substantiation of parameters of cylindrical parts of sieve of separating cone of grain crusher


Okunev M.A..
Condition of farmland: the underestimated aspect of food security

Suslov S.A..
The optimum sizes of areas under grain crops in agroareas of the Nizhniy Novgorod region