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№ 2 (27) - 2012

Plant Growing

Batalova G.A., Vologzhanina E.N., Zhuravleva G.P..
Influence of harvest date on yield and sowing quality of seeds of naked oat at storage
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Kedrova L.I., Utkina E.I., Parfenova E.S., Shamova M.G., Okhapkina N.A..
Forming of biochemical parameters of winter rye cultivars at North-East of European part of Russian Federation

Koryakovtseva L.A., Volkova L.V., Kharina A.V..
Fruitful properties of spring soft wheat of a variety Bazhenka in dependence on terms of sowing and seeding rates

Terekhov M.B., Morozov A.I..
Influence of varietal peculiarities and pre-sowing treatment of seeds with preparation Nano-Gro on the productivity of spring wheat

Aleksandrov O.S., Danilova E.S., Danilova Yu.S., Karlov G.I..
The search for variety-specific molecular markers for the identification of new hop varieties (Humulus lupulus L.)

Stepanov G.S., Romanova I.V..
Decapitation as a factor of accelerating of the production of high-quality seeds of hemp

Agriculture, Agrochemistry, Amelioration

Shikhova L.N., Zubkova O.A..
Modification of mobile manganese content in the podzolic soils during growth season

Russkikh E.A..
Dynamics of content of mobile Pb in podzol soils having different levels of anthropogenic load

Noskova E.N., Kozlova L.M..
Influence of interaction of ways of pre-sowing processing of soil, of bio-preparation Baikal EM1 and of micro-fertilizer Aquadon-Micro on phytosanitary condition of spring wheat crops and its productivity

Pegova N.A..
Influence of organic fertilizer and soil tillage in crop rotation on the structure-formation and water-durability of aggregate of arable sod-podzolic soil


Ekonomov A.V., Kolesnikov V.V., Utrobina V.V., Sukhanova M.S..
Influence of various factors on upland and waterfowl game during reproductive period and developments of young birds

Veterinary Medicine

Krysenko Yu.G., Troshin E.I..
Estimation of efficiency of aerosol sanitation of apartment at respiratory syndrome at pigs


Obolenskiy N.V., Danilov D.Yu..
Unit for research of process of drying of grain

Uglanov M.B., Ivankina O.P., Pashukov S.A., Voronkin N.M., Chkhetiani A.A..
Field tests of experimental potato harvesting digger with self-vibrating shares

Kraynov Yu.E., Vandysheva M.S..
A new technology for receiving of biogas for farm economies

Results of researches of unit for division of manure into fractions at its removal from cattle-breeding apartments


Mezenina O.B..
Timber industry complex of the Russian Federation at the present stage: definition, problems, management