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№ 3 (28) - 2012

Plant Growing

Shchennikova I.N., Kokina L.P., Zolotareva R.I..
New spring barley "Pamjati Rodinoy"

Ponomareva S.V., Terekhov M.B..
Influence of weather conditions on productivity of field pea varieties and its elements

Gradoboeva T.P., Vladykina E.N., Koshcheeva N.S..
The study of an initial material for selection of long-fibred flax on resistance against fusarium withering

Fadeev A.A..
The composing components of the soybean productivity and the creation of a model of a new sort of a northern ecotype for the conditions of 56o of north latitude

Shalaeva O.V..
The growth and development of Hordeum jubatum L. under conditions of introduction at the European North-East

Agriculture, Agrochemistry, Amelioration

Abashev V.D., Noskova E.N., Popov F.A..
System of processing of sod-podzolic soils in crop rotation

Erofeev A.A., Makarenkina A.G., Latyshova I.A., Kargin V.I..
The influence of mineral fertilizers and biological preparations on winter crops productivity

Zubarev Yu.N., Yudin V.S., Kholzakov V.M..
Effectiveness of influence of tank mixture of herbicide and urea on grain yield of spring wheat in PredUral

Almetov N.S., Yunusov G.S., Akhmadeeva M.M., Goryachkin N.V., Nazmiev Kh.Z..
Influence of predecessors and mineral fertilizers on productivity, quality, and economy efficiency of cultivation of spring wheat under conditions of Republic of Mary El

Ivanov D.A., Tyulin V.A., Karaseva O.V., Rublyuk M.V., Mukhina I.A..
Influence of agrolandscape conditions on efficiency of old-age cereal-bean herbages

Platonycheva Yu.N., Polyakova N.V., Berchyk A.V..
Change of processes of a mineralization and humification at transformation of gray wood soils

Zamyatin S.A., Izmest'ev V.M..
The field crop rotations and toxicity of the soil
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Babaylova G.P., Usmanova E.N..
Selektsionno-genetic criteria of selection of cows Black-motley breeds in breeding factory "Krasnogorsky" of Kirov

Brandorf A.Z., Rychkov I.N., Ivoylova M.M..
The duration of the mating period of queens of Apis mellifera L. depending on the ways of reproduction

Veterinary Medicine

Leont'ev L.B., Kosorlukova Z.Ya., Burova O.A., Tichonova G.P..
Composite preparation for optimization of the physiological status of the calves


Aleshkin V.R., Shulyat'ev V.N..
A simplex-sieve planning in researches of the dairy pump of a universal purpose

Alekseev V.V., Maksimov I.I., Maksimov V.I., Syakaev I.V..
Energy estimation of mechanical impact on the soil by tillage machines and tools


Nikonova G.N., Trafimov A.G., Gubanova N.S., Nikonov A.G..
Special features of modern investment processes in the agrarian sector

Biksina N.A..
The problem of evaluating of labour market situation