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Influence of predecessors and mineral fertilizers on productivity, quality, and economy efficiency of cultivation of spring wheat under conditions of Republic of Mary El

Almetov N.S., Yunusov G.S., Akhmadeeva M.M., Goryachkin N.V., Nazmiev H.Z.


The results of researches on influence of predecessors and mineral fertilizers on productivity and quality of grain of spring wheat are presented in the article. It is established that on turf lightly podzol loamy soils of Republic of Mary El the best predecessor for cultivation of spring wheat is red clover with simultaneous input of mineral fertilizers. Thus the increase of a crop at input of Р60К60 has made 0,9-1,7 t/hectare, and at input of N30Р60К60 – about 9,5-9,9 t/hectare. The best quality indexes of grain are marked on a variant "red clover + N30Р60К60". On the given variants the highest exit of a net profit per 1 hectare, the lowest cost price of 1 center of grain and higher profitability are received.

Keywords: spring wheat, fertilizerеs, protein, gluten, predecessor, recoupment, output, the cost price, profitability