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№ 5 (30) - 2012

Plant Growing

Shamova M.G., Shchekleina L.M., Utkina E.I..
Reaction of varieties of winter rye to various sowing date under conditions of North-East region of Russian Federation
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Koryakovtseva L.A., Volkova L.V., Kharina A.V..
Creation of Bazhenka – a variety of early-ripe summer soft wheat

Koshcheeva N.S., Lyskova I.V..
Results of study of gene pool of long-fibred flax on Falenki Plant-Breeding Station

Danilova Yu.S., Kashtanova O.A..
Damson-hop aphid (Phorodon humuli Schrk.) and its harmfullness of Hops under conditions of North-East region of Russia

Morozov A.I..
Grain quality formation depending on the variety and seed treatment with Nano-Gro preparation

Fodder Production

Shevtsov A.V., Zotov A.A., Kosolapov V.M., Shchukin N.N..
Technologies of constructing of sowed herbages on valley peat bog in Central Region of Non-Chernozem Zone

Izmest'ev V.M., Zamyatin S.A., Kondratenko A.V..
The sowing rates and protein productivity of heterogeneous crops of narrow-leaved lupine and spring wheat
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Kovshova V.N..
Methods of increasing of stability of meadow agro-phytocenoses under condition of climate change in Volga-Vyatka economic region

Agriculture, Agrochemistry, Amelioration

Piskunova H.A., Fedorova A.V., Ershova T.S..
Influence of aftereffect of green manure predecessors, mineral fertilizers and humate "Plodorodie" on a crop and grain quality of spring wheat under conditions of the Kostroma region

Lednev A.V., Lozhkin A.V..
Influence of anthropogenic impact on properties of soils of the residential suburb of Izhevsk

Kuz'minykh A.N..
The influence of type of fallows on the soil microbiological activity


Kistina А.A., Prytkov Y.N., Rod'kin I.I., Gur'yanov A.M..
The influence of selenium-contained addition in rations on metabolism and activity of growth of calves

Cherakshev I.I..
Exterior features of steers of the creating type of the red-and-white breed

Shiryaev V.V., Sergeev A.A., Gorshkov Yu.A..
The experience of the conservation of biodiversity and gene pool of wildlife in game management and fur-farming of Russia

Akieva O.M., Bidzhiev A.Z., Golubev A.A., Sarbasheva M.M., Mantaeva S.Sh., Shikhalieva M.A., Bittirov A.M..
Ecological-and-Species and epizootological characteristics of helminthes of wolf in Kabardino-Balkaria

Veterinary Medicine

Iovleva A.Yu., Chupin S.A., Metlin A.E..
Development of real-time PCR for detection and differentiation of rabies virus's field isolates from the vaccine strain


Anan'ev V.S..
Analysis of factors affecting the energy consumption of process of grinding of root

Shamin A.E., Krasikov S.B., Mironov E.B..
Ridgening of the inductor and the central channel is the way of decreasing of hydraulic resistance to course of water in the induction heater of liquid environments


Ivanov V.A., Ponomareva A.S..
Condition and Directions of providing Sustainable Development of the agricultural sector of the Komi Republic