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№ 6 (31) - 2012

Plant Growing

Nikolaev A.V., Sezonova N.P., Lyubimskaya I.G..
Assessment of perspective varieties of potatoes of the Belarusian selection in the conditions of the Kostroma region

Vasil'ev A.A..
Potato yields depending on variety, planting density and nutrition level

Dem'yanova-Roy G.B., Okulova A.V..
Soybean productivity depending on term of planting and climatic conditions of Kostroma region

Agriculture, Agrochemistry, Amelioration

Kosolapova А.I., Yamaltdinova V.R..
Influence of systems of fertilizer on agro-chemical parameters of sod-podzolic soil and accumulation of heavy metals

Orlov P.V., Korchenkina N.A., Nefed'eva V.V..
Influence of soil liming backgrounds on phosphate fractions of long-term fertilized gray wood soil

Sosnina I.D., Fomin D.S..
Influence of anthropogenic factors on bio-power efficiency of crop rotations


Titova S.V..
Planning of selection of black-motley cattle

Babaylova G.P., Usmanova E.N., Yamshchikova T.A..
Parameters of reproduction and dairy efficiency of cows of Black-motley breed with a different share of blood on Goldstein breed

Petrov O.Yu..
Influence of a level of fat in diets of reproductive heifers on parameters of rumenal digestion

Rudenko O.V., Komarova G.D..
The productive longevity of cows of different populations of Nizhny Novgorod region depending on their linear accessory

Glushkov V.M., Pankratov A.P., Shevnina M.S..
Optimization of the negative factors constraining resource management of wild ungulates

Petrov O.Yu..
Influence of different fat levels of the ration of calves and heifers on biochemical blood indices, characterizing lipid metabolism

Akieva O.M., Bidzhiev A.Z., Golubev A.A., Mantaeva S.Sh., Sarbasheva M.M., Shikhalieva M.A., Bittirov A.M..
Epizootological analysis of helminthes of yard, traveling and koshar's dogs in Kabardino-Balkaria

Veterinary Medicine

Blokhin A.A., Isaev V.V., Molev A.I..
Epizootological aspects of prevention of mass mastitis of lasting cows


Burkov A.I., Glushkov A.L., Lazykin V.A..
Substantiation of the basic constructive parameters of dust collector of universal separator of seed
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Gaaze Z.V..
Production of biogas at low temperatures


Ivanov V.A., Ivanova E.V..
Scientific and Information and Consulting Providing a Sustainable Development of Rural Areas of the Northern Pegion