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№ 1 (26) - 2012

Plant Growing

Vladykina N.I..
Change of climatic conditions in North climatic zone of Udmurt Republic

Titova I.S., El'kina G.Ya..
Blue lupine under conditions of the middle taiga subzone of Komi Republic

Mikhovich Zh.E., Ruban G.A., Zaynullina K.S..
Features of biology of Bunias orientalis L. seed reproduction at cultivation in the North

Receptions of harvesting of millet varieties for seeds in the Middle Predural

Kuryleva A.G..
Influence of pre-sowing processing of seeds by fungicides on productivity and grain quality of spring wheat

Agriculture, Agrochemistry, Amelioration

Khaptukhaeva N.N..
Assessment of the intensity of erosion and accumulation processes in small rivers of south of East Siberia


Kopylov S.N..
The effect of the fodder supplement “Yantar” on immune-biochemical characteristics of newborn calves

Brandorf A.Z., Ivoylova M.M..
Effect of additional feeding of bee (Apis mellifera L.) colonies with sugar syrup on the qualitative parameters of hibernation

Veterinary Medicine

Grigor'eva T.E., Makarov A.A..
Estimation of combined way of treatment of sub-involution of uterus at cows with use of acupuncture

Russkikh A.P., Andreeva S.D., Panfilov A.B..
Morphological characteristics of the biological substrates of pigs at the simulation of acute destructive pancreatitis

Ivanovskiy A.A., Timkina E.Yu., Ogarkova I.S..
Effect of the preparation BCL and the complex from Leuzea carthamoides on white mice


Yakovets A.V., Shumakov V.V..
Improving the uniformity of the distribution of seeds of cultivated crops

Yunusov G.S., Mayorov A.V., Popov I.I., Kropotov Yu.A..
The machines for superficial processing of soil under sowing of agricultural crops

Obolenskiy N.V., Kraynov Yu.E..
Improving of vortical (hydro-dynamical) source of heat

Savinykh P.A., Fedorov O.S., Ivanov A.G..
Research of movement of the crushed particle of a grain in a conic part of separating sieve of "Cyclone - separator" of a grain crusher


Ivanov V.A., Terent'ev V.V..
Innovations as major factor of sustainable development of agriculture of the Komi Republic

Nikonova N.V., Fokina O.V..
Methodology of marketing analysis

Obukhova I.A..
Problems of authenticity of evaluation of the economical effectiveness of innovative-investments projects of the agro-industrial production

Nasretdinova Z.T..
Intensification of dairy cattle breeding of Republic of Bashkortostan within the frame of the state support