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№ 1 (32) - 2013

Review Articles

Sysuev V.A., Kedrova L.I., Utkina E.I., Lapteva N.K..
Methods and technologies of industrial processing of winter rye grain for effective usage in bakery, mixed feed, starch-and-molasses, and other branches of industry

Plant Growing

Khorin A.N..
Studying of combining ability of varieties of spring soft wheat in diallel crossings to attributes of the mass of grain from the ear and the plant

Kharina A.V..
Bunt diseases of spring soft wheat under conditions of euro-north-east

Firsova S.V., Rusinov A.A..
Study of a Japanese quince in the Kirov area
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Fodder Production

Kovshova V.N..
Resource-saving technologies of creation and use of high productive long-term hayfield on worked out peat soils of Volga-Vyatka region

Agriculture, Agrochemistry, Amelioration

Paschkova G.I..
The effect of nitrogen fertilizing on the activity of glutamine synthetase, the ammonia content in plants, yield and the quality of gains of spring wheat


Filatov A.V., Selezneva K.A..
Effectiveness of application of biotechnological receptions in pig breeding

Semenova N.V..
Genetic and economic efficiency of selection of bulls to productive and technological traits of their daughters

Sidorenko S.S..
Behavioral features of repair young growth at used of germinated grain for feeding

Zabiiakin V.A., Vel'dina M.E., Kropotova A.L., Zabiiakina T.V..
Methods of gathering of selection pens and biodiversity of guinea fowls in a genetic resources enterprise

Vorob'eva L.V., Sannikova N.A..
Adsorption of moisture in the bees' brood nest during the winter period

Veterinary Medicine

Sisyagina E.P., Sisyagin P.N., Redzhepova G.R., Yuldashov Yu.B., Ubitina I.V..
Prophylactic efficiency of phitotsea at respiratory diseases of calves


Savinykh P.A., Bulatov S.Yu., Nechaev V.N..
Research of working process of a hammer crusher of grain with a rotor-fan

Cheremisinov D.A., Noskova E.N., Demshin S.L., Kozlova L.M..
The estimation of efficiency of use of the combined unit for pre-sowing soil cultivation and crop

Shamin A.E., Krasikov S.B., Mironov E.B..
Theoretical background of parameters of ridgering of the induction source of heat

Yunusov G.S., Kislitsyna N.A..
The investigation of pulsating processing on division of the heterogeneous food medium


Petrov A.A..
Concentration and economic efficiency of production in dairy branch

Olonina S.I..
The estimation of investment attraction of vegetable growing in the agricultural enterprises of industrial type