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№ 2 (33) - 2013

Plant Growing

Batalova G.A., Mukhamad'yarov F.F., Rusakova I.I., Antonov V.G., Tulyakova M.V., Shikhova L.N..
About creation of adaptive varieties of conventional oats –Sapsan and Avatar
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Volkova L.V..
Analysis of nature of inheritance of characters of productivity for hybrids of spring soft wheat

Babaytseva T.A., Lentochkin A.M., Gamberova T.V..
The dynamics of formation of sowing qualities of winter triticale’s seeds

Andrianova L.O., Kokonov S.I..
Feeding productivity of Udaloe millet in dependence of crops care methods

Gripas' M.N., Arzamasova E.G., Popova E.V, Onuchina O.L..
The new high-productive and disease-tolerant red clover variety Triphon

Nevolina K.N., Popova S.I., Kiryakova E.M..
Effect of mineral fertilizers on the photosynthetic activity of plants and grain yield of winter crops

Gur'yanov A.M., Artem'ev A.A., Moiseev A.A..
The experience of studying of influence of electro-physical factors on grain yield of cereal crops

Vasil'ev A.A..
Effect of planting density and calculation norms of mineral fertilizers on photosynthetic activity and yield formation of potato under condition of Southern Ural

Fodder Production

Trofimov I.A., Trofimova L.S., Yakovleva E.P..
Agrolandscape-ecological zoning of grasslands Volga-Vyatka natural-economic region of Russia

Agriculture, Agrochemistry, Amelioration

Zavyalova N.E., Kazakova I.V..
Agrochemical characteristics of the Urals’ sod-podzolic soil under natural grass-forb meadow

Smirnova A.V..
Impact of anthropogenous factors on the change of structure of organic substance of the peat and developed soils

Abashev V.D..
Dynamics of reserves of productive moisture in drained sod-podzolic gley sandy loam soil under timothy crops


Sysuev V.A., Isupov A.Yu..
Usage of theory of similarity and dimension for studying of technological line for cleaning and crushing of forage grain

Andreev V.L., Kozlova L.M., Demshin S.L., Popov F.A..
Modernizing of plough for mold soil treatment and its use at spring wheat cultivation


Timoshenko M.A..
Increase of efficiency of economy of agrarian sector by improvement of social infrastructure

Bekulov H.M., Bekulov V.H..
Definition of a point of break-even at an assessment of investment projects in forages production