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№ 3 (34) - 2013

Review Articles

Plenkina G.A., Firsova S.V..
History and current state of horticulture of the Kirov region
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Plant Growing

Shchennikova I.N., Shupletsova N.N., Kunilova A.V..
Regenerants of barley as initial material for selection of varieties under condition of climate change

Lyalichkin O.A., Prokina L.N., Ibragimova G.N..
Influence of mineral nitrogen and seeding rates on productivity of oats varieties

Makarov V.I., Glushkov V.V., Maslova N.F..
A comparative estimation of winter crops productivity under conditions of the Mari El Republic

Vasil'ev A.A..
Foliar treatment by micro-fertilizer Tenso-coctail increases yield and quality of potato tubers

Belyaeva R.A., Rubtsova V.E..
Productivity of the selection samples of Phalaroide arundinacea L. at two hay-crop use

Plenkina G.A., Rusinov A.A., Firsova S.V..
Study of influence of some elements of technology on implanting ability of green cuttings of cherry under conditions of Kirov region
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Martynov L.G..
Introduction of Actinidia colomicta in the middle taiga subzone of the Komi Republic


Lapteva N.K., Mit'kinyh L.V..
Optimal ratio of wheat, rye and triticale flour at manufacture of biscuits

Agriculture, Agrochemistry, Amelioration

Zamyatin S.A., Izmest'ev V.M..
The influence of field crop rotations on the balance of nitrogen in the soil

Dzjuin G.P., Dzyuin A.G..
The effectiveness of joint and separate application of micro-fertilizers, sulfur, and magnesium in the crop rotation


Babaylova G.P., Usmanova E.N., Buzmakova E.D..
Influence of line membership, methods of selection, and combination of lines on milk production of cows

Veterinary Medicine

Ivanovskiy A.A., Timkina E.Yu., Markova I.S..
Effect of probiotics, bioinfusin and fit complex FANT on state of blood of female pigs

Buldakova К.V., Sozinov V.A..
Way of reducing of heavy metals' content in the organs and tissues of broiler chickens


Burkov A.I., Simonov M.V., Mokiev V.Yu..
Results of researches of the device for extraction and scarification of seeds from clover wad
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Mokhnatkin V.G., Filinkov A.S., Solonschikov P.N..
The results of research of device for mixing of loose components with liquid


Nikonova G.N., Trafimov A.G., Tyanutov A.I..
The need to implement of regional strategies for development of land relations

Stukova I.V..
The social and economic efficiency of informational support for the agrarian development

Kryuchkova L.V., Nikonova N.V., Sysoljatin A.V..
State of the grain market of the Kirov region