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№ 5 (36) - 2013

Plant Growing

Mukhamad'yarov F.F., Golovko T.K., Tabalenkova G.N., Korobitsyn S.L., Rubtsova V.E., Ashikhmin V.P., Saveliev Yu.P., Kaisin D.V..
Influence of meteorological factors on formation of spring barley yield under condition of agro-landscape

Dmitriev A.V., Lednev A.V..
Regional changes of climatic exponents in terms of the northern agro-climatic region of the Udmurt Republic

Fadeev A.A., Fadeeva M.F., Vorob'eva L.V..
The influence of abiotic factors of the environment on the number of seeds in soy beans under conditions of Chuvashia

Fodder Production

Maysak G.P., Voloshin V.A..
The mixed sowings of winter grain crops and winter vetch with use of hay-crops of millet and spring rape for green forage in PredUral region

Salova L.A..
Productivity of lupine-and-barley mixtures and the quality of the grain forage, depending on the ratio of components and doses of mineral nitrogen

Agriculture, Agrochemistry, Amelioration

Mitrofanov Yu.I..
Winter rye on the drained grounds of Verhnevolzhje

Kosolapova А.I..
Soil treatment impact on agro-physical parameters of podzolic chernozem and productivity of cultures of field crop rotation

Vasbieva M.T., Zinoviev D.S..
The effectiveness of application of sewage sludge on sod-podzolic soil of PredUrals

Ulanov A.N., Ulanov N.A..
Ways of management of peatlands' soil fertility and productivity of forage crops


Vel'matov A.P., Gur'yanov A.M., Lukonina О.N., Vel'matov A.A., Neyaskin N.N..
Milk yield and technological properties of cows of red-and-white breed of Volga type

Veterinary Medicine

Grigor'eva T.E., Sergeeva N.S..
Estimation of complex methods of treatment of endometritis in cows with acupuncture, endometromag-bio and immunomodulators

Kazanovskiy E.S., Karabanov V.P., Klebenson K.A..
Basis and perspectives of usage of composition of dermacyne with anti-anthrax vaccine c.55 in north deer-rising


Sysuev V.A., Maksimov I.I., Maksimov V.I., Alekseev V.V..
Small rivers catchments areas as anthropogenic agro-landscapes object (on example of Civil river)

Lushnov M.A..
The construction of a classification scheme and analysis of devices for heat treatment of semi-fluid feeding mixtures


Glebova A.G..
State support of agriculture in terms of membership in the WTO

Fufacheva L.A., Sapozhnikova E.S..
Features of functioning of personal part-time farms in a cut of agro-climatic zones of the Kirov region

Nikonov A.G..
Strategic development directions of the depressed rural territories under contemporary conditions