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Small rivers catchments areas as anthropogenic agro-landscapes object (on example of Civil river)

Sysuev V.A., Maximov I.I., Maximov V.I., Alexeyev V.V.


The article containsthe quantitativeestimationof stability of channelnetwork of temporary water-flowsduring rainfalland snowmelt.The criteriadetermined theabilityof the soilflushingor applyfora specificcatchment’s area of micro-streamletand for thecatchment’s area ofthe riversystem as a whole are choose. Verification of theoretical premiseswas carried out inlaboratory and fieldexperiments.For retrospective analysisdata for the CivilRiverwere processedover the past fiftyyears.

Keywords: soil erosion, micro-streamlet, catchment area, erosion resistance potential, theory of dimension, the Lokhtin criterion, surface roughness