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№ 1 (38) - 2014

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Plant Growing

Mukhamad'yarov F.F., Korobitsyn S.L., Rubtsova N.E., Vologzhanin V.N., Soboleva N.N..
Methodical aspects of revealing of environmental factors limiting indexes of yield of agricultural crops, and their highly precision optimization by application of technogenic means (pp. 4-7)

Kuznetsov D.A., Lyalichkin O.A., Smolin N.V., Murashov A.V..
Effect of different doses of nitrogen fertilizer and seeding rates on productivity and seed quality of oats (pp. 7-11)

Pashina L.V., Pashin E.L..
The comparative estimation of technological quality of a pond retting and field retting flax stock (pp. 12-16)

Medvedev G.A., Mikhalkov D.E., Kochubeev N.V., Golev A.A..
Influence of herbicides on oil flax productivity under conditions of the Volgograd region (pp. 16-19)

Nefedov V.N., Eryashev A.P., Eryashev P.A..
Influence of plant protection preparations and albite on growth, development and productivity of peas (pp. 20-24)

Fodder Production

Figurin V.A., Kislitsyna A.P., Suntsova N.P..
Growing of alfalfa at remote fields under conditions of Kirov region (pp. 25-29)

Agriculture, Agrochemistry, Amelioration

Lozhkin A.V., Lednev A.V..
Influence of ameliorants and fertilizers on productivity of the agricultural crops growing on soils, polluted by heavy metals (pp. 30-35)

Rybachuk O.V., Derjabina Yu.M., Sartakov M.P., Komissarov I.D..
Comparative characteristics of element composition of humic and hymatomelanic acids of peats of Middle Ob region (pp. 36-40)

Russkikh E.A..
Dynamics of content of mobile cd in podzol soils having different levels of anthropogenic loading (pp. 41-44)

Veterinary Medicine

Grigor'eva T.E., Kondruchina S.G., Trifonova L.E..
Effect of persistent yellow body at cows' ovaries on conceive and metabolism (pp. 45-48)

Sozinov V.A., Ermolina C.A..
The use of biogenic iodine compounds in the egg poultry farming (pp. 48-51)


Bychkov V.V., Kadykalo G.I..
New Specialized Machines for Gardening Mechanization (pp. 52-56)


Kryuchkova L.V., Nikonova N.V..
The Forecast of Key Parameters of Manufacture of Grain in the Kirov Region (pp. 57-60)

Baibakova T.V., Soboleva O.A..
The milk quality as the main price-forming factor in the milk subcomplex of the Agricultural-industrial complex (pp. 61-66)

Dzotcoev G.B..
Methods of Stimulating of Innovative Activity of Agricultural Organizations (pp. 66-70)

Myagkova Yu.R..
Development of Rent Relations in Agrarian Sector (pp. 70-74)

Timoshenko M.A..
Economic development of rural territories of Lower Volga area on the basis of amelioration (pp. 75-79)


Юбилей Александра Васильевича Баранова