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Comparative characteristics of element composition of humic and hymatomelanic acids of peats of Middle Ob region

Pages: 36-40.

Rybachuk O.V., Derjabina J.M., Sartakov M.P., Komissarov I.D.


Studying of element composition of humic and hymatomelanic acids of various peat of Middle Ob for the purpose of the description of their features caused by specificity of humification in the region is carried out. Samples of riding and transitional peat for extraction of acids were selected from superficial (the 0-20 cm) layers. Results of the element analysis specify that hymatomelanic acids differ from humic by higher values of percentage of carbon and hydrogen and smaller values of nitrogen and oxygen.
For revealing of specific distinctions calculation of degree of an oxidation of humic acids is carried out, empirical formulas, degree of a carbon aromatic and warmth of combustion are calculated. Hymatomelanic acids have reduced form and their warmth of combustion is higher in comparison with humic acids.
Two differing areas are revealed on the diagram of nuclear relations which are distinct by amount of oxygen and hydrogen atoms.
According to the obtained data humic and hymatomelanic acids have close "skeletal" structure of macromolecules, and the found out distinctions specify on smaller formation - "maturity" of hymatomelanic acids. Specific features of element structure are shown in a various ratios of elements, warmth of combustion and oxidation degree.

Keywords: peat, humic acid, hymatomelanic acids