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Effect of persistent yellow body at cows' ovaries on conceive and metabolism

Pages: 45-48.

Grigor'eva T.E., Kondruchina S.G., Trifonova L.E.


The article presents the results of the study of degree of distribution of persistent yellow body of ovaries at cows and the impact of this disease on fertility and metabolism compared with clinically healthy animals. The number of cows with persistent yellow body of ovaries has made 8,3-11,7% of the total number of tested animals. Comparative estimation of metabolism at healthy and sick animals has shown that the current of this pathology is accompanied by a significant growth of terms of restoration of a stage of initiation of the sexual cycle, disorders of calcium -phosphorus exchange, acid-alkaline balance, reduction of content of carotene, vitamin A and E, as well as reduced content of erythrocytes on 15,9% and hemoglobin on 5,5%.

Keywords: cow, persistent yellow body of ovarian, distribution, fertilization, morpho-biochemical blood indices