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Growing of alfalfa at remote fields under conditions of Kirov region

Pages: 25-29.

Figurin V.A., Kislitsyna A.P., Suntsova N.P.


It was established that growing of alfalfa and alfalfa-bromegrass mix at central zone of Kirov region having sod-low podzolic residual carbonate heavy-loam soils formed on eluvium-talus of perm clay was most effective for eight and more years of use. Alfalfa and its grass mixtures may be input in basic crop rotation only if the all fields of arable area are suitable for its cultivation. Alfalfa may be used in additional rotation if only few fields are suitable for it. But single fields must be removed from crop rotation, sowed with alfalfa or alfalfa-bromegrass mix.

Keywords: crop rotation, alfalfa, alfalfa-bromegrass mix, grasses, exchangeable energy, row protein, total energy, coefficient of energy effectiveness