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Influence of ameliorants and fertilizers on productivity of the agricultural crops growing on soils, polluted by heavy metals

Pages: 30-35.

Lozhkin A.V., Lednev A.V.


The data on the influence of six types of fertilizers and ameliorants (phosphate and limestone flour, superphosphate, sodium sulfide, peat, and zeolite) on productivity of agricultural crops (vetch-oats mixture, barley and oats) are presented. These crops were growing on texture-differentiated medium-loamy agrozeme which was artificially polluted by heavy metals (experiment 1- lead nitrate pollution produced in a dose of 250 mg/kg, experiment 2 - cadmium sulfate in a dose of 5 mg/kg).
It is established that entering of all studied ameliorants and fertilizers in soil polluted by heavy metals, during all three years of observations has caused increase of productivity of agricultural crops. The highest statistically significant increase of productivity provided entering of peat into soil in a dose of 100 t/ha, the zeolite in a dose of 100 t / ha, superphosphate in a dose of 120 kg/ha, and limestone flour in a dose of 12 t/ha. The addition varied depending on type of fertilizer or ameliorant and year of use from 9 up to 32%. These ameliorants and fertilizers not only has increased crop productivity but also lowered the heavy metal content in crop products below maximum concentration limit level.

Keywords: heavy metals, re-cultivation, productivity