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Methodical aspects of revealing of environmental factors limiting indexes of yield of agricultural crops, and their highly precision optimization by application of technogenic means

Pages: 4-7.

Mukhamadjarov F.F., Korobitsyn S.N., Rubtsova N.E., Vologzhanin V.N., Soboleva N.N.


Methodical aspects of highly precision and differentiated application of technogenic means for optimization of factors of life of agricultural crops taking into account power expenses for elimination of their limiting influence are presented. Methods of planning of experiment are put in a basis of researches. At the set confidential probability they allow to exclude insignificant factors of environment from mathematical model, and on the basis of the main one (limiting yield) to construct more exact model in the form of the equations of regression of the second order. For a choice of variants of optimization of environmental conditions it is necessary to define direction of "a movement" towards optimum area. Considering that on a surface of the response factors characterize indicators of environment, instead of norm of application of fertilizers and ameliorators then the last needs to be defined based on existing level of soil fertility, operating ratios of nutritive elements by plants, their carrying out etc.
The final decision for choice of rational variants of optimization of environment is spent taking into account indicators of power efficiency of technological processes.

Keywords: agro-ecologically equal territories (АEТ), agro-microlandscape, weather conditions, soil factors, elements of a mineral nutrition, productivity, power consumption of reception of yield