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Influence of design-technological parameters of grater-scarification unit on quality of scarification

Pages: 63-68.

Burkov A.I., Simonov M.V., Mokiev V.Yu.


Influence of rotation frequency of barrel, gap between riff of grater surface of barrel and scarificator surface, input of initial material into scarificator, granularity of scarificator on germinating energy, germinating ability, degree of scarification and increasing of amount of germinating seeds was studied at one-factorial experiments. Mutual influence of most important factors (granularity, rotation frequency of barrel, and  input of initial material) on parameters of quality of scarification was investigated by means of multi-factorial experiments. Region of rational means of parameters is determined at which 95% degree of scarification is obtained with simultaneously increasing of amount of germinated seeds by 34-36% and lack of crushing: high of riffs of  grater surface of barrel h = 2.9 мм; gaps between riff of grater surface of barrel and scarificator surface dвх = 6 mm, dраб = 4 mm, d свых = 3…4 mm; granularity of scarificator surface Z = 50 micrometer; rotation frequency of barrel =1400…1500 min-1; input of initial material qс = 0.10…0.15 t/hour.

Keywords: grass seeds, scarification, grater-scarification unit