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Relation of value of milk yield and biochemical status of the blood serum in cows

doi: 10.30766/2072-9081.2014.39.2.51-54.

Pages: 51-54.

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Zharikov Ya.A., Kaneva L.A.


Value of milk yield is integrate index of health and metabolism and reflected in biochemical state of substrates and enzymes of blood serum in cows. The aim of the researches was discovery and basing of dependence of varying of blood serum metabolites on value of daily milk yield of cows.
Data base is divided on six groups according to milk yield. First group consist of cows having yield of 14 liters of milk, second – 14-17 liters, third – 17-20 liters, fourth – 20-24 liters, and fifth – more than 24 liters/ Sixth group consist of dry cows. The highest average level of total protein (80.8 g/l) was found in fifth group and lowest one – in dry cows (69.2 g/l). The highest glucose level indicating supply of organism with energy was in dry cows and first group cows – 3.0 and 2.5 mM/l; the lowest one – 1.5 mM/l – in cows of fifth group, i.e. in cows with highest milk yield. Opposite, average cholesterol level increased along line from dry cows till high-yield cows: 3.3 – 4.5 – 5.2 – 5.9 – 6.2 – 7.0 mM/l. Activity of enzymes of re-amidating was decreased with rise of yield. The same tendency was characteristic for base phosphatase and lactate dehydrogenase as indicators of systemic braking of central as well as periphery metabolic pathways for conserving of aminoacids and glucose for milk forming. So, activation of lipid section of metabolism takes place at increasing of milk yield and decreasing of lactation leads to activation of carbohydrate exchange.

Keywords: cow, milk yield, blood serum, substrates, enzymes, metabolism