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Results of plum-tree variety test in Kirov region

doi: 10.30766/2072-9081.2014.39.2.14-19.

Pages: 14-19.

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Plenkina G.A., Firsova S.V., Rusinov A.A.


Results of testing of eight plum-tree (Prunus domestica L.) varieties were presented. Based on perennial experiments it was established that the main damaging factors of winter season for plum are drastic temperature drops from thaws up to frosts (with air temperature low than minus 27°С). The group of middle winter hardiness varieties was marked out – Pamyat Timiryazeva, Krupnoplodnaya Eliseeva, and №С-Н. Closed positive interrelation was established between plum yield and air temperature at flowering time (r = 0.67) as well as middle negative interrelation with death of generative buds during winter season (r = -0.45). Early-maturing varieties which come into fruitage since four year after planting and having high yield potential were revealed. There was high degree of variation of fruit mass by years for all investigated varieties. The group of middle-maturing varieties having average fruit mass more than 20 g was selected. Fruits and processed products of varieties №20-7, №50, and №51 had dessert taste. Six other varieties were selected by complex of parameters having prospects for culture in Kirov region.

Keywords: plum, varieties, variety testing, winter hardiness, productivity, large-fruitage, dessert