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Variety of a collection of All-Russia institute of plant industry as sources of valuable properties in selection of spring soft wheat

Pages: 10-13.

Korjakovtseva L.A., Volkova L.V., Kharina A.V.


The selection work on spring soft wheat on North-East of Non-Chernozem zone of Russia  is oriented on creating of high-yield varieties suitable for the food purposes. At an assessment of varieties the priority value is returned to such tags, as length of a growth season, productivity of an ear and plant (including grain yield of an ear and grain size), contents of protein and gluten in a grain, resistance to illnesses, widespread in region. For looking up of the donors of the indicated properties with the purpose of its incorporation in the selection program 45 varieties of spring wheat of a different ecology-geographic origin obtained from a world collection of All-Russia institute of plant industry were studied. Early-ripe and midseason varieties forming stable high grain yield in years with contrast weather conditions are selected as a result of three-year researches: a Line 3672h, Line 2, Kinelskaja 61, Novosibirskaja 44, Simbircid, Sajanogorskaja, Bashkirskaja 28. Variety Line 3672h, Duet Chernozemja, Nandu, Attis are the sources of productivity of a main ear; Novosibirskaja 44, Simbircid, Duet Chernozemja,  Sajanogorskaja, Bashkirskaja 28, Stepnaja 2 are the sources of grain size. For selection on grain quality the variety having high protein and gluten contents are advised: Iren, Chelaba 75, Leningradskaja 6, Actube 92, Timer, PS-90.

Keywords: spring soft wheat, growth season, meteorological conditions, productivity, structure, crude protein, crude gluten