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№2 (45) - 2015

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Plant Growing

Batalova G.A., Vedernikov Yu.E..
Breeding and original seed growing of naked oats (pp. 4-9)
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Fadeev A.A., Fadeeva M.F., Vorob'eva L.V..
Determination of heterosis for F1 reciprocal hybrids of soya-beans (pp. 10-14)

Gradoboeva T.P., Pislegina S.S..
Initial material for breeding of peas under conditions of Volga-Vyatka region (pp. 15-21)

Plenkina G.A., Firsova S.V..
Studying of varieties of a sweet-berry honeysuckle bred in N.I. Vavilov Institute of Plant Industry under conditions of Kirov region (pp. 21-26)
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Agriculture, Agrochemistry, Amelioration

Lyskova I.V., Rylova O.N., Veselkova N.A., Lyskova T.V..
Influence of mineral fertilizers and lime on agrochemical parameters and phosphorus regimes of medium-loamy sod-podzolic soil (pp. 27-32)
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Makhalov R.M., Guvennov A.I..
Influence of aftereffect of different doses of liming and long-term application of mineral fertilizers on agrochemical properties of light-grey forest soil and yield of bird's foot trefoil (pp. 32-37)

Abashev V.D., Svetlakova E.V..
Influence of mineral fertilizers on productivity of grain-fallow-grass crop (pp. 37-43)

Ivenin V.V., Ivenin A.V., Novosadov A.A..
Productivity of potato at adaptation of the Dutch technology of cultivation on light grey forest soils of Nizhniy Novgorod region depending on processing systems (pp. 43-49)

Syubaeva A.О., Titova V.I..
The influence of joint application of mineral fertilizers and biofertilizer Azofobacterin-AF on yield, taste quality and content of the macronutrients in the green crops (pp. 50-55)


Chashchukhin V.A..
Age changes in some parts of skull of brown bear (Ursus arctos L.) (pp. 62-66)

Veterinary Medicine

Bespyatykh O.Yu..
Age changes in the mineral composition of blood of fur animals (pp. 56-61)


Saitov V.E., Gataullin R.G..
Study of dosing system of aerodynamic seed complex «AGRAER-850Н» (pp. 67-72)


Suleymanova A.I..
Economic efficiency of use of arable land in horse breeding industry (pp. 73-79)