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Study of dosing system of aerodynamic seed complex «AGRAER-850Н»

Pages: 67-72.

Saitov V.E., DSc, assistant professor, senior researcher,
Gataullin R.G., engineer, competitor

North-East Agricultural Research Institute, Kirov, Russia


Modern methods of grain production require resource-saving technologies of cultivation of grain crops. In accordance with this trailered wide-seeding complex «AGRAER-850H» one of the most important elements of which is the dosing system seed and fertilizer is designed and manufactured by JSC «Malmyzh plant on repair of diesel engines» (Russia, Kirov region). The purpose of this study was to determine the dependence of seed rate and fertilizers from the gear ratio of driven gear. Sowing box of transmission of the complex allows to change the gear ratio from 0.5 to 2 by selection of interchangeable sprockets with a different number of teeth: 13; 14; 15; 16; 19; 20; 21; 22; 25 and 26 in 42 combinations. Coils P250, P500 and P800 having working volume of 250 cm3 and 500 cm3 and 800 cm3 respectivelly were used as working body of research object. The tests of seed dispenser were carried out with three crops: spring wheat variety Irene barley variety Gonar, winter rye variety Tatiana. The tests of the fertilizer dispenser were conducted on complex fertilizer Azofoska (Nitroammofoska) brand NPK (MOP) 16:16:16, the technical specifications TU 2186-039-00203789-2003. Nomogram is presented for determining the rate of seed and fertilizer from the seed transmission ratio gearbox: at the lowest ratio of 0.5 of driven gearbox minimal installation seeding rate for seed crops is in the range from 57.82 to 95.54 kg/ha and fertilizer from 43.40 to 139.38 kg/ha; at the highest transmission ratio equal to 2 of driven gearbox maximum set the seeding rate for seed crops is in the range from 231.27 to 382.15 kg/ha and fertilizer from 173.60 to 557.50 kg/ha. The experimental data indicate accordance of dispensing system of sowing complex to agrotechnical requirements of interstate standard. Dosing system of developed seeding machine allows to adjust desired seeding rate of cereal seeds and fertilizers conveniently and quickly.

Keywords: seed drill, power-saving technology of tillage, trailer seeding, reel dispenser grain, сoulter frame, seed, mineral, easy-rhenium


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