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Ratio of trophy evaluation of European and East Siberian moose

Pages: 66-70.

Makarova D.S., post-graduate student

Vyatka State Agricultural Academy, Kirov, Russia


Moose is a favorite object of hunting in most regions of Russia. Trophy evaluation of different subspecies of moose in the CIC is produced by two different methods, which complicates the analysis of trophy qualities of these species. In addition to a practical importance of a solution of this problem is of importance for development of methods of trophy and morphological research of game animals. In this study an attempt is did to find out how match corresponds trophy evaluations of moose antlers made by two techniques of CIC. For this sample of moose antlers was assessed by two methods then we compared the obtained results. Trophy evaluation of moose antlers was carried out in accordance with the «Position on the hunting trophies in the Russian Federation». Therefore we managed to get 48 pairs of trophy evaluation in scores. As a result of the study it is established that there is a strong correlation relationship (r = 0.989) between  methods of trophy evaluation of palmated antlers of European and East Siberian moose, which allows possibility of mathematical conversion of final scores without going into the details of evaluation. With an accuracy of about 96% point scoring by the methodology for the European moose can be transformed in scoring by the methodology for the East Siberian moose using the equation line function y = 1.3925 x – 87.359, where x is the score on the methodology for the European moose. With such precision trophy evaluation made by the method for the East Siberian moose can be transformed into a scoring by the methodology for the European moose (y = 1.64 x - 78, where x is the score on the methodology for the East Siberian moose). Methodology for estimating of antlers of East Siberian moose cannot be apply for transitional forms of antlers (between palmated and non-palmated) and for non-palmated antlers.

Keywords: moose, antlers, hunting trophies, assessment, CIC


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