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№4 (47) - 2015

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Plant Growing

Alabushev A.V., Dontsova A.A., Potokina E.K..
Labelling of Ppd and Vrn genes in barley by means of PCR-analysis (pp. 4-9)

Batalova G.A., Shirokikh I.G., Tulyakova M.V., Shevchenko S.N., Rusakova I.I., Abubakirova R.I., Zhuykova O.A..
Some results and methodical aspects of oats breeding for resistance against edaphic stress (pp. 9-15)
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Filenko G.A., Firsova T.I..
Seed-growing of barley in Rostov region (pp. 16-21)

Tulinov A.G..
Results of testing of promising varieties of potato under conditions of Komi Republic (pp. 21-28)
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Fodder Production

Izmest'ev V.M., Svechnikov A.K..
Effect of long-term application of fertilizers on productivity of forage crop-rotations (pp. 29-34)

Agriculture, Agrochemistry, Amelioration

Zavyalova N.E., Storozheva A.N..
Agrochemical properties of sod-podzolic soil and productivity of field crops at entering of increasing doses of complete mineral fertilizer (pp. 35-41)

Khvostov E.N., Artem'ev A.A., Prokina L.N..
The influence of tilling on parameters of soil fertility and productivity of unit of field crop rotation (pp. 41-46)

Zinkovskaya T.S., Kovalev N.G..
Potato productivity and balance of nutrients at fertilizing and irrigation of drained sod-podzolic soil (pp. 47-50)

Artem'ev A.A..
Efficiency of a crop rotation and change of soil fertility depending on doses and ratios of mineral fertilizers (pp. 51-55)

Ulanov N.A..
Effectiveness of regulation of water regime of depleted peatlands by lockingof channels (pp. 56-61)

Yulushev I.G., Baramzina O.V., Ovechkin P.G., Mitin V.V., Sofronov E.A..
Soil-agrochemical basis of adaptive-landscape farming systems In Vyatka-Kama agricultural province (VKAP) (pp. 62-69)


Baranov А.V., Baranova N.S., Egorov O. S., Podrechneva I. Yu..
Effectiveness of genetic labelling at selection of Kostroma breed cattle (pp. 70-75)


Burkov A.I., Simonov M.V., Mokiev V.Yu..
Results of agrotechnical evaluation of performance of clover huller-scarifier КС-0.2 (pp. 76-80)