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Results of agrotechnical evaluation of performance of clover huller-scarifier КС-0.2

Pages: 76-80.

Burkov A.I., DSc in technics, head of laboratory,
Simonov M.V., PhD in technics, associate professor, senior researcher,
Mokiev V. Yu., associate researcher

North-East Agricultural Research Institute, Kirov, Russia


On the basis of the research a prototype of clover huller-scarifier КС-0.2 was developed. The machine is used for extraction of seeds from the wad of clover and other legumes and cereal grasses as well as for scarification of hard grass seeds. The machine includes frame, body, horizontal barrel, deck, batch hopper, device for supplying material to a machine, pipe for input and output, extension, holder for bag, the drive mechanisms, electric equipment. Research purpose - to determine the optimal load-speed modes of clover huller-scarifier КС-0.2 (supplying of a material q and the frequency of barrel rotation n). Wad of clover Kirovsky-159 having humidity 12…14% was used as initial material for study action of clover huller-scarifier in mode of seed thrashing. Large impurities, small impurity and seeds without shells were removed previously from wad of clover. Machine performance was evaluated by the degree of seed thrushing eand seed crushing d. For scarification of Seeds of galega corresponding to State standard 52323-2005 for reproduction of seeds for seed purpose was used as initial material at studing of scarifying mode. The quality of scarification was evaluated by degree of seed scarification С and degree of change in number of germinated seeds П. Regularities were identified of changes in agrotechnical parameters of a prototype machine clover huller-scarifier КС-0.2 from load-speed modes. It is determined that degree of seed thrushing ehigher than 95% and crushing of seeds d less than 1.5% are achieved with supplying q = 0.2…0.3 t/h and frequency of barrel rotation n = 1000…1200 min-1. Degree of scarification of seeds C more than 99% and the degree of change in the number of germinated seeds П= 42.9…43.2% are achieved with supplying q = 0.2…0.3 t/h and frequency of barrel rotation n = 950…1000 min-1.

Keywords: clover huller, seeds, scarifier, thrushinf of grass seed, scarification of seeds


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