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Seed-growing of barley in Rostov region

Pages: 16-21.

Filenko G.A., PhD in agriculture, senior researcher
Firsova T.I., PhD in agriculture, head of laboratory

All-Russian Research Institute of Grain Crops after I.G. Kalinenko”


Nowadays the state and tendencies of the development of grain production do not meet the needs of formation of highly efficient grain economy. Thus, permanent development of barley seed-growing is an important factor, directed on increase of production and quality of grain that will result in larger amounts of crop yields. Despite of importance to realize the whole potential of spring and winter barley varieties in Rostov region, variety and sowing quality of barley seeds have significantly deteriorated in many farmings for the last years.  During this period the rate of introduction of new high-yielding varieties remained low, efficiency of obtaining of highly reproductive seeds decreased. Barley is an essential food, fodder and technical crop in Rostov region. The article considers the analysis of seed-growing of spring and winter barley during 2011-2014 years. The average data on the amount of sown original, basic and reproductive seeds have been given. The analysis of dynamics of sowing seeds of spring and winter barley during 2011-2014 years was carried out The varieties ‘Preriya’, ‘Vakula’ and ‘Odessky 100’ of Stavropol Research Institute of Agriculture and Odessa Instituteof Breeding and Genetics and the varieties ‘Ratnik’ and ‘Priazovsky 9’ of Federal State BudgetaryScientific Institution after I.G. Kalinenko occupy the largest part of total spring barley area. The varieties ‘Master’, ‘Zhiguli’ and ‘Polet’ of Federal State Budgetary Scientific Institution after I.G. Kalinenko and the varieties ‘Samson’ and ‘Pavel’ of Krasnodar Research Institute of Agriculture named after P.P. Lukiyanenko occupy the largest part of the total winter barley area. These varieties realize their productive potential well due to good adaptability to local conditions.

Keywords: seed-growing, amount of sown seeds, spring and winter barley, variety, basic seeds, original seeds


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