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№1 (50) - 2016

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Plant Growing

Kostylev P.I., Popov S.S..
The number of grains in a rice panicle as a selection criterion on productivity (pp. 4-7)

Mikhovich Zh.E., Ruban G.A., Zaynullina K.S..
Seed sowing quality and productivity of Bunias orientalis when grown in the middle taiga subzone of the Komi Republic (pp. 7-11)

Alabushev A.V., Kovtunov V.V., Kovtunova N.A., Gorpinichenko S.I..
Breeding of grain sorghum in the Rostov region (pp. 12-15)

Belyaeva R.A., Kosolapovа T.V..
Evaluation of initial material of spire cane (Phalaroides arundinacea L.) in conditions of the Republic of Komi (pp. 16-18)
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Pashina L.V., Pashin E.L..
Improving of method for determination of the long fiber output for qualimetry of flax varieties (pp. 19-23)

Agriculture, Agrochemistry, Amelioration

Abashev V.D., Svetlakova E.V., Popov F.A., Noskova E.N., Denisova A.V..
Influence of increasing doses and ratios of mineral fertilizers on productivity and quality of barley grain (pp. 24-30)

Ryabova O.V..
On a problem of development of microbiological agents (fungicides and fertilizers) for conditions of the Northeast of the European part of the Russian Federation (pp. 31-40)

Sabitov M.M..
The effectiveness of technologies of winter wheat cultivation at different levels of intensification (pp. 41-46)

Veterinary Medicine

Sisyagin P.N., Sisyagina E.P., Redzhepova G.R., Ubitina I.V..
Influence of “Immoveton-aero” on parameters of immunity of calves at the critical period of calf rearing (pp. 47-50)

Hunting Study

Safonov V.G., Glushkov V.M..
About need to improve game resource management (pp. 51-56)

Chashchukhin V.A., Solov'ev V.A..
Age-related changes of the teeth chewing surface of the European badger (Meles meles L.) (pp. 57-61)


Kovalev N.G., Gridnev P.I., Gridneva T.T..
Scientific support for the development of environmentally safed systems of manure utilization (pp. 62-69)

Baranov N.F., Fufachev V.S., Stupin I.V..
Determination of material's tightening force with chipper knife (pp. 70-75)

Saitov V.E., Gataullin R.G..
Investigation of aerodynamic characteristics of a radial fan for the pneumatic system Investigation of pneumatic transport system of seeding machine "AGRAER-85OH" (pp. 76-80)