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Geometric characteristics of grain of naked oats varieties in the northern forest-steppe zone of the Tyumen region

Pages: 4-9.

Fomina M.N., PhD in agriculture, head researcher,
Aver'yasova Y.S., graduate student

Agricultural Research Institute for Northern Trans-Ural Region, Tyumen', Russia


Oats is a crop of universal use. Grain of oats is an excellent raw material for milling industry. Of particular interest in this respect are naked oats varieties. Determination of grain size and its geometric characteristics is necessary in grain assessing for flour production. Estimation of naked oats varieties of different ecological and geographical origin on the basic geometric parameters (linear dimensions, shape, volume, external surface area) was conducted under conditions of the Tyumen region. Study of kernel had showed that geometric parameters were depended on growing conditions and the varietal characteristics. The most variable parameter is width of the kernel (V = 17.8-25.0%), the thickness was changed in less degree (V = 9.7%-16.06%), grain length was characterized by relative stability (V = 7.4-15.70%). The limits of variation within samples were: length of kernel - 4.22-10.30 mm, width – 1.00-3.17 mm thickness - 1.00-2.88 mm. The volume of grain depending on the variety ranged from 2.08 (k-7776) to 51.41 mm3 (k-15162). The area of the outer surface changed from 9.90 (k-7776) to 138.10 mm2 (k-10262), the ratio of grain volume to external surface area ranged from 0.10 (k-15193) to 0.47 mm (k-14638), the sphericity of the grains in naked oats varieties was within 0.25 - 0.80. A distribution of varieties on the form of kernel was conducted in accordance with the definition of the classification of the sphericity index for each group: acicular (Ψ = 0.32-0.53), oval (Ψ = 0.40-0.64), pyriform (Ψ = 0.49-0.55). A positive correlation of the grain volume with the content of endosperm (r = 0.55-0.88) and a 1000 grains mass (r = 0.21-0.46). Perspective sources are selected which form large grain with high endosperm content. These sources can be recommended for use in breeding for food purposes.

Keywords: naked oats, linear dimensions of grains, geometric parameters, sphericity, endosperm content, grain size, sources


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