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Novelties in assortment of the bakery products with use of rye raw materials

Pages: 23-26.

Lapteva N.K., PhD in agriculture, senior researcher, head of laboratory,
Mitkinykh L.V., process engineer

North-East Agricultural Research Institute, Kirov, Russia

E-mail: niish-sv@

New products of the North-East Agricultural Research Institute are presented in article: small-pieces bakery products: "Khlynovskie", "Sel'skie", "Derevenskie" and bread "Vyatsky with buckwheat groats" which are developed from a mix of rye and wheat flour and other raw materials. Use of a medium rye flour, fermented rye malt, flakes of grain crops, oil seeds, prunes, dried apricots, raisin, buckwheat groats, and onions in receipts enriches bakery products with food fibres, mineral substances (potassium, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, iron), vitamins (В1, В2, Р, РР) and a number of other valuable substances important for a human. Small-pieces bakery products "Khlynovskie", "Sel'skie", and "Derevenskie" contains more basic mineral substances (potassium, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus and iron) than in control samples accordingly on 17.1; 19.5; and 27.0%. Small-pieces bakery products "Sel'skie" and "Derevenskie" differ with raised content of vitamin В1 (on 41.2…47.0% in comparison with analogue – oats bread for a breakfast), and also with the raised content of poly-non-saturated linoleic acid entering into a medical complex of Omega-6. Nutritional value of bread "Vyatsky with buckwheat groats" is defined by the content of a rye flour and a buckwheat groat which protein is most balanced on amino acid complex. Thus protein of buckwheat groats differs with higher content of lysine,  valine and leucine, has good comprehensibility, that does buckwheat groats by especially valuable dietary product. The dried onions in a combination with a rye flour and buckwheat groats improve taste and aroma of bread. New bakery products differ from analogues available in manufacture with raised (on 19.3…64.0%) content of food fibres and lower (on 0.4…5.4%) energy value. Use of rye and other kinds of grain and oil raw materials in manufacture of new bakery products will allow to expand assortment of products of the raised nutritional value and will reduce a diet energy potential that is important for correct, rational, healthy type of a food of the modern person.

Keywords: bakery products from a mix of rye and wheat flour, products of processing of grain of cereals and seeds of oil crops, buckwheat groats, nutritional value


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