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Sources of spring barley resistance to helminthosporium and its use in breeding

doi: 10.30766/2072-9081.2016.54.5.09-14.

Pages: 9-14.

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Sheshegova T.K., DSc in biology,
Shchennikova I.N.,PhD in agriculture,
Shchekleina L.M., PhD in agriculture,
Kokina L.P., PhD in agriculture

North-East Agricultural Research Institute, Kirov, Russia


Results of 2007-2015 immunological studies on search of sources of barley's non-specific resistance to helminthosporium diseases (root rot, leaf spots: bacterial stripe, halo blight, etc) under conditions of Kirov region are presented in the article. Immunologic status of 380 spring barley samples from VIR's world collection and of 140 varieties and perspective lines bred in North-East Agricultural Research Institute are analyzed. Studies were conducted under conditions of natural and artificial epiphytoses of local infectious populations. As a whole, low frequency of obtaining of immunologically value samples is reported: in VIR's collection, it is equal to 9.5% average for all diseases and in collection of North-East Agricultural Research Institute – 11.4%. Much less samples had combination of resistance with productivity at standard level or higher – about 5.6%. At 3-7 year study of barley genofund under hard infectious backgrounds sources were revealed of resistance to one, two, or more diseases. Following varieties had complex resistance to three types of leaf spot: Medicum 336 (Russia), Mironovsky 86 and Surpriz (Ukraine), Margret (Germany), Korona Lashego (Poland), Сodac (Canada), and perspective lines of authors' breeding: 917-01, 138-09, and 247-09. Line 917-01 (Forward) created by a method of agricultural biotechnology passes State Tests. Variety Medicum 336 bred in Samara Agricultural Research Institute has resistance to all types of helminthosporioses. All samples were tested on yield structure elements and potential productivity. It is revealed that variety Medicum 336 has high level of 1000 grain mass and high amount of fruit-bearing shoots; varieties Mironovsky 86 and Natali have high level of 1000 grain mass; variety Surpriz – high level of 1000 grain mass and productivity; varieties Edem and Сodac – early ripening and productivity and so on. Perspective lines of spring barley are created using of some sources which pass competitive tests now. Among them there are such lines as 43-05, 457-08, and 341-08 that exceed standard varieties on productivity by 0.16- 0.63 t/ha or by 4-17%.


Keywords: spring barley, variety, sample, helminthosporium, sources of resistance, resistant varieties and lines


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