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№6(55) - 2016

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Plant Growing

Utkina E.I., Voylokov A.V., Kedrova L.I., Chugunova N.V..
Methodical approaches on creation of winter rye population varieties for different goal directions (pp. 4-8)

Volkova L.V..
Productivity of spring wheat and its relation to elements of yield structure in years differ by meteorological conditions (pp. 9-15)

Krivosheev G.Y., Shevchenko N.A., Gaze V.L., Anisimova N.N..
The initial material for breeding of drought tolerant hybrids of maize (pp. 15-20)

Onuchina O.L., Gripas' M.N., Korneva I.A., Arzamasova E.G., Popova E.V.
Results of red clover breeding for aluminum tolerance under conditions of North-East of European part of Russia (pp. 20-25)

Fodder Production

Gorchakov V.V..
Assessment of ecological well-being of the territories of pastures (pp. 26-29)

Agriculture, Agrochemistry, Amelioration

Alabushev A.V., Sukharev A.A., Popov A.S., Kambulov S.I., Yankowskiy N.G., Ovsyannikova G.V..
Minimization of tillage for row crops and their productivity (pp. 30-33)

Kononov O.D., Popov A.I., Uvarov S.A..
Overgrowing of disturbed reindeer pastures in the Nenets autonomous region on the example of the quarry of mineral soil (pp. 34-37)

Izmest'ev V.M., Svechnikov A.K., Sokolova E.A..
Influence of mineral fertilizers on fertility of sod-podzolic soils in fodder crop rotations (pp. 37-41)
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Baranova N.S., Baranov А.V., Podrechneva I. Yu..
The use of inbreeding at keeping of farm families of Kostroma breed (pp. 51-55)

Veterinary Medicine

Smirnov Y.P., Suvorova I.L., Gryazeva N.A..
Options for the eradication of bovine leukemia virus infection in dairy cattle (pp. 42-47)

Grigor'eva T.E., Sergeeva N.S..
The results of industrial test of method for the treatment of endometritis in cows (pp. 47-50)

Hunting Study

Kolesnikov V.V., Piminov V.N., Ekonomov A.V., Shevnina M.S., Makarova D.S., Strel'nikov D.P., Sinitsyin A.A., Skumatov D.V., Tuzharov E.S., Mashkin V.I., Pankratov A.P., Kozlovskiy I.S..
Perennial changes and distribution of resources the main species of hunting animals of Russian (pp. 56-61)


Burkov A.I., Simonov M.V., Mokiev V.Yu..
Results of acceptance tests of the machine for extraction and scarification of clover seeds КС-0.2 (pp. 62-67)
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Cheremisinov D.A., Demshin S.L..
Determination of parameters of the opener group in the development of unit for pre-sowing soil cultivation and sowing (pp. 67-72)


Yudin A.A., Oblizov A.V..
Features of innovative development of agriculture in the northern region (on the example of agrarian-and-industrial complex of the Komi Republic) (pp. 73-78)
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