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№2 (57) - 2017

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Plant Growing

Rusakova I.I., Batalova G.A., Ren Changzhong, Vologzhanina E.N., Zhuykova O.A., Tulyakova M.V..
Breeding evaluation of sources of naked oats under conditions of Volga-Vyatka region (pp. 4-11)
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Shchennikova I.N., Sheshegova T.K..
New spring barley variety Forsazh (pp. 11-17)
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Gradoboeva T.P..
Resistance of pea varieties to aschochyta blight in varying environmental conditions (pp. 17-22)

Fodder Production

Kutuzova A.A., Privalova K.N., Teberdiev D.M..
Multifunctional role of meadows forage production (pp. 23-27)

Agriculture, Agrochemistry, Amelioration

Lednev A.V., Dmitriev A.V..
Influence of overgrowing terms and soil type on agrophysical indicators of different soil types located on the accumulative direction of the matter-energy flow (pp. 28-34)

Abashev V.D., Popov F.A., Noskova E.N., Zhuk S.N..
Influence of mineral fertilizers on productivity and grain quality in spring wheat Svecha (pp. 35-40)

Korchenkina N.A., Dabakhova E.V., Titova V.I..
Phosphatic condition of the light gray forest soil at introduction of the increasing doses of afteralcohol grains (pp. 40-45)

Veterinary Medicine

Burova O.A., Blokhin A.A..
Systematic approach to the development of methods of prevention of gastro-intestinal diseases in newborn calves (pp. 46-50)

Timkina P.S..
Influence of phytobiotic preparations «Provitol» and "Mix-Oil" on morphofunctional characteristics of pigs’ liver (pp. 51-56)

Gorchakov V.V., Vorotnikov V.P..
Anthelmintic activity of dandielion (Taraxacum officinale Wigg.) (pp. 57-61)

Hunting Study

Grebnev I.A., Pushkin A.V., Blinova A.V..
On some directions in improvement of state regulation of marketing products of hunting industry (pp. 62-66)


Varnakov D.V., Didmanidze O.N..
Theoretical basis of the concept for technical service of machines on actual state based on assessed parametric reliability (pp. 67-71)

Burkov A.I., Batalova G.A., Glushkov A.L., Lazykin V.A..
Preparation of high quality seeds using a pneumatic separator (pp. 72-76)
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Babitskiy L.F., Sobolevskiy I.V., Kuklin V.A..
Substantiation of parametres of springs vibro tines (pp. 76-79)