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№3 (58) - 2017

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Plant Growing

Shupletsova O.N., Shchennikova I.N..
Barley variety 'Forvard' of regenerant origin (pp. 4-8)

Kokina L.P., Shchekleina L.M., Kunilova A.V..
Sources of valuable breeding traits and their use in creation of barley varieties adapted to conditions of Volga-Vyatka region (pp. 9-14)
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Ivanova Yu.S., Fomina M.N..
Morphological parameters of stem lodging resistance in accessions of hulless oats collection (pp. 15-21)

Kovtunova N.A., Ermolina G.M., Gorpinichenko S.I., Romanyukin А.Е..
Fodder value of sweet sorghum (pp. 21-25)

Popova L.A., Golovina L.N., Shamanin A.A., Maslova V.M..
Estimation of productivity and adaptivity of potato varieties of different ripening groups under conditions of Arkhangelsk region (pp. 26-31)

Sintsova N.F., Sergeeva Z.F..
Study of collection potato varieties on productivity and disease resistance (pp. 31-35)

Fodder Production

Lapshin Yu.A..
Mixed agrophytocenose as a reserve of increase of production of fodder grain and more rational use of the land area (pp. 36-42)
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Agriculture, Agrochemistry, Amelioration

Kozlova L.M., Popov F.A., Noskova E.N., Ivanov V.L..
Improved resource-saving technology of soil cultivation and use of bio-preparations for spring cereals crops under conditions of central zone of North-East of European part of Russia (pp. 43-48)

Veterinary Medicine

Smirnov Y.P..
Theory of cancer and immunological aspects of carcino- and leukemogenesis (pp. 49-54)

Blokhin A.A., Burova O.A., Liskova E.A..
Pathologicoanatomic changes in calves at sepsis caused by rhodococci (pp. 55-58)

Nematodoses of pigs in The Republic of Crimea and morphometric parameters of helminth eggs (pp. 59-64)

Ivanovskiy A.A., Zhizhina А.А..
Influence of phytobakterial complex FANTPLUS on some morphological and immunological parameters of white mice’s blood (pp. 65-68)


Babitskiy L.F., Sobolevskiy I.V., Kuklin V.A..
Substantiations for the optimal modes of cultivator paws on vibro-impact suspension (pp. 69-73)


Kostenko O.V..
The mechanisms of entry of scientific, industrial and educational institutions in the Povolzh’e rye cluster (pp. 74-80)
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