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№4 (59) - 2017

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Plant Growing

Yudin A.A., Kokovkina S.V..
History of creation, directions of research and priorities of development of agricultural science in the Republic of Komi (pp. 4-8)
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Kosolapovа T.V., Shmorgunov G.T..
Ecological plasticity and stability of winter rye productivity in the Republic of Komi (pp. 9-13)
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Sokerina N.N..
The results of variety test of berry crops in conditions of Republic of Komi (pp. 13-18)
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Volkova L.V., Gireva V.M..
Estimation of spring soft wheat varieties by yield and adaptive properties (pp. 19-23)

Shokaeva D.B..
Link of winter hardiness of strawberry’s parent genotypes with inheritance of number of inflorescence and fruit size (pp. 24-29)

Fodder Production

Karakchieva E.F., Lobanov A.Y..
Creation of grass mixtures for increasing productivity and nutritional value in the field fodder production in conditions of Republic of Komi (pp. 30-32)
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Agriculture, Agrochemistry, Amelioration

Chebotaryov N.T..
Efficiency of complex application of fertilizers in fodder crop rotation on sod-podzolic soil in the conditions of middle taiga zone of the Euro-North-East (pp. 33-38)
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Pugaev S.V., Chegodaeva N.D..
The influence of windbreak on the content of heavy metals in soil of windbreak and adja-cent fields (pp. 39-43)


Kapsamun A.D., Ivanov D.A., Kovalev N.G., Degtyarev V.P., Pavlyuchik E.N., Ivanova N.N., Yuldashev K.S..
Elements of lead metabolism in the body of dairy cows (pp. 63-67)

Veterinary Medicine

Kazanovskiy E.S..
Veterinary problems of northern reindeer breeding and improvement of technology of carrying out of mass treatment-and-prophylactic actions (pp. 44-48)
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Sokolova O. V., Isakovа M.N., Ryaposova M.V..
Features of of metabolic indicators in pregnant cows during late prenatal period (pp. 48-53)

Sobeshchanskaya E.M., Korableva T.P..
Practical application of the STF-1/56 TiM biomedication in industrial animal husbandry (pp. 54-58)

Latushkina N.A., Ivanovskiy A.A., Timkina E.Yu..
Study of chemical composition and toxic properties of phytocomplex containing biologically active substances (pp. 58-62)


Babitskiy L.F., Moskalevich V.Y., Sobolevskiy I.V..
The development of bionic trends in agricultural mechanics (pp. 68-74)


Yudin A.A..
Management of innovative development of agrarian sector of Russia in regional spectrum (pp. 75-80)
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