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Regenerating properties of new drug Dyalderon

Pages: 46-50.

Azyamov M.A., PhD in veterinary, head of laboratory,
Agalakova T.V., PhD in biology, senior researcher

North-East Agricultural Research Institute, Kirov, Russia


The article presents studies of the functional activity of different types of immunocompetent cells in the study of regenerative properties of a new drug dyalderon. The study was performed in the laboratory, on the model of purulent wounds in male rats of the Vistar line, in accordance with international requirements of humane treatment of laboratory animals. The two groups of rats, 10 animals each, were used to accomplish this task. Animals under anesthesia were dissected skin flap area of 20 mm2 was applied to the surface of the wound. 1bn. microbial cells of Staphylococcus aureus. Through the day the rats of the experimental group was administered with dyalderon at a dose of 30 mg intramuscularly, and the animals of the control group Cefazolin topically at a dose of 1 g per wound, during for 8 days. The criterion for the regeneration of the wounds were the time of appearance of granulation, epitelizaciei, the leukocyte count and groups T and b-lymphocytes, the level of phagocytosis and of some cytokines and decrease microbial contamination by Staphylococcus is less than 105 microbial cells per 1 cm2. Observation of the animals was carried out for 25 days. The results obtained allowed to establish that dyalderon contributed to the rapid tissue regeneration and elimination of the etiopathogenetic factors of the purulent inflammation of microbic cells, and necrotic detritus and accelerate epithelialization of wounds. This dyalderon/s action activated of ТН1 lymphocytes subpopulations, which stimulate the production of inflammatory cytokines α-TNF and 1-ИЛβ. The maximum development of anti-inflammatory cytokines in the blood of rats of the experimental group was observed on the fifth day of α-TNF 870,8±0,24 ng/ml, 1 IL β 29,78±0,21 ng/ml, and organism/s physiological norm, was came α-TNF 82,5±0,56 ng/ml, and IL 1 β 16,4±0,71 ng/ml. 

Keywords: granulation, dyalderon, immunity, rats, regeneration, cytokines


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