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№3 (64) - 2018

Review Articles

Lisitsyn E.M..
Use of marker-assisted selection in creation of models of cereal crops varieties resisted to abiotic stresses
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Zakharova O.I., Liskova E.A., Mikhaleva T.V., Blokhin A.A..
Antibiotic resistance: evolutionary prerequisites, mechanisms, consequences
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Plant Growing

Sapega V.A., Tursunbekova G.Sh..
Estimating the winter rye varieties by yield productivity and parameters of ecological plasticity in the conditions of the Northern Trans-Urals
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Sheshegova T.K., Shchennikova I.N..
The response of a new barley variety Rodnik Prikamiya to the use of plant growth regulators
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Sergeeva Z.F., Sintsova N.F., Lyskova I.V., Lyskova T.V..
Estimating the potato varieties by productivity and biochemical parameters under conditions of Kirov region
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Koshcheeva N.S., Batalova G.A., Lyskova I.V., Kraeva S.N..
Results of study of long-fiber flax’s collection material by the parameters of economically valuable traits
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Kostylev P.I., Krasnova E.V..
The new rice varieties Virasan and Piruet
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Fodder Production

Figurin V.A., Suntsova N.P., Kislitsyna A.P..
The influence of hay cutting number and periods on productive longevity in lotus-timothy sowings on sod-podzolic highly acid soil
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Ivanova N.N., Kapsamun A.D., Pavlyuchik E.N., Ambrosimova N.N..
Formation of the production process of pasture stands on drained soils, depending on their species composition
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Agriculture, Agrochemistry, Amelioration

Bogomolova Yu.A., Sakov A.P., Ivenin A.V..
Effect of soil treatment and fertilizers on changes in agrophysical properties of soil and soybean yield in the link of cereal crop rotation
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Petrova L.I., Kotov D.N., Mitrofanov Yu.I., Pervushina N.K..
Effect of drainage and application of mineral fertilizers on the yield of spring wheat
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Deniskova Т.Е., Kostyunina O.V., Solovieva A.D., Zinovieva N.A..
Study of genetic diversity and differentiation of regional populations of Romanov sheep using microsatellite markers
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Skvortsov A.I., Sattarov V.N., Semyonov V.G., Fadeev A.A..
Morphometric research of worker honey bees in the Republic of Chuvashia
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Burkov A.I., Glushkov A.L., Lazykin V.A..
An improved experimental-theoretical method for calculating the particle trajectory in a pneumatic separating channel
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Konovalova L.K., Ilyin L.I., Okorkov V.V., Vinokurov I.Yu..
Development of agrotechnologies classification in the system of adaptive-landscape farming
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