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Environment-forming activity of barley regenerants root systems in the conditions of acid soils toxicity

doi: 10.30766/2072-9081.2018.65.4.42-48.

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O.N. Shupletsova1,2, PhD in Biology, senior researcher, e-mail:,
I.N. Shchennikova1,3, DSc in Agriculture sciences, senior researcher
1Federal Agricultural Research Center of the North-East named N.V. Rudnitsky, Kirov, Russian Federation, e-mail:,
2Federal State Budgetary Educational Institution of Higher Education «Vyatka State University», Kirov, Russian Federation, 
3Federal State Budgetary Educational Institution of Higher Education «Vyatka State Agricultural Academy», Kirov, Russian Federation, e-mail:

Regenerative lines of barley 917-01, 781-04, 441-05, 530-98 obtained by cell selection on acid selective media with aluminum, were evaluated with regard to the original sorts 999-93, Novichok and standard Bios 1 in the laboratory, vegetative and field experiments. The dynamics of changes in the medium acidity by the roots of barley seedlings and their biometric indicators against the control (pH 6.0) and stress (pH 4.0 and pH 4.0 + Al3+ 20 mg/l) backgrounds were studied in the aquatic culture. Regenerated 917-01 and 781-04 were alkalinizing water actively (by 2.4-2.5 pH units) against the background of intensive root growth compared to the control (43%) and biomass accumulation (10%). The solution acidity of Novichok and its regenerantive genotype 441-05 was changing slightly. In vegetation experiments, the environment-forming activity of the regenerative line 530-98 in changing the acidity and content of free aluminum in the zone of the rhizosphere was studied. On soil back-ground with pH 3.9 and A13 + 5.6 mg/100 g of soil the level of alkalization reached 0.7 units of pH at decrease in amount of free aluminum by 4.23 mg / 100 g of soil that 1.8 times exceeded the similar indicators of the standard Bios 1. With stress intensification, the increased productivity of the regenerant relative to the standard up to 2 times was revealed (by 0.66 t/ha on the soil background at pH 3.7 and Al 21 mg/100 g of soil). In favorable conditions of cultivation, the productivity of regenerants decreased relative to the standard. In the competitive tests the regenerative genotypes 917-01 and 530-98, possessing high medium forming activity of the root system, were among the best breeding numbers. Line 917-01 received the status of the sort (the Forward). Not all regenerants possessed breeding value. Selection in vitro of Al- resistant sort Novichok has not led to positive results. The conclusion about expediency of involvement in cellular selection of genotypes with low level of stress resistance and potentially high adaptive variability has been made.

Keywords: barley, regenerative lines, soil acidity, aluminum, environment-forming activity, yield, stress resistance

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Shupletsova O.N., Shchennikova I.N. Environment-forming activity of barley regenerants root systems in the conditions of acid soils toxicityв // Agrarnayа nauka Evro-Severo-Vostoka. 2018. Vol. 65. no. 4. pp. 42-48. doi: 10.30766/2072-9081.2018.65.4.42-48.