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№5 (66) - 2018

Review Articles

Burova O.A., Blokhin A.A., Zakharova O.I., Yashin I.V., Liskova E.A., Gladkova N.A..
Vectors of vector-borne viral diseases of animals (review)
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Plant Growing

Batalova G.A., Krotova N.V., Vologzhanina E.N., Zhuykova O.A., Zhuravleva G.P., Tulyakova M.V..
Sources of naked oat for grain quality breeding
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Parfenova E.S., Utkina E.I., Kedrova L.I., Shamova M.G..
Estimation of winter rye gene pool for productivity under conditions of Kirov region
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Rekashus E.S..
The criterion of significance of general adaptive ability
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Rekashus E.S., Kurdakova O.V..
The criterion of significance of general adaptive ability: numerical model
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Kokina L.P., Shchennikova I.N., Zaitseva I.Yu..
Estimation of barley collection samples on resistance to osmotic stress
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Bondareva L.M., Radyukevich T.N., Kartasheva L.I., Lyubek N.I..
Study of spring barley perspective strain L1505 resistance to abiotic stressors in the condi-tions of the Leningrad region
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Gripas' M.N., Arzamasova E.G., Popova E.V.
Complex estimation of red clover perspective varieties
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Fadeeva M.F., Vorob'eva L.V., Matveeva O.L..
The influence of weather conditions on the signs of adaptability and soy crop in the North-East of Russia
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Solovykh N.V., Budagovsky A.V..
Stimulation of risogenesis of red and black raspberry in vitro with use of coherent radiation
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Lapteva N.K., Mit'kinyh L.V..
Nutritional and biological value of new bakery and flour confectionery products
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Patsyuk L.K., Fedosenko T.V., Zhuravskaya-Skalova D.V..
Safety of the functional food product – canned "dessert from topinambur" in the process of its manufacture
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Agriculture, Agrochemistry, Amelioration

Gur'yanov A.M., Artem'ev A.A..
Estimation of agrocoenosis for weediness and efficiency of differentiated use of herbicides in crop rotation
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Bogomolova Yu.A., Sakov A.P., Ivenin A.V..
Effect of Soil Tillage Systems and Fertilizers on Agrophysical Properties of Soil and the Yield of Spring Wheat in the Volga-Vyatka Regi
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Zamyatin S.A., Efimova A.Yu., Maksutkin S.A..
Weeds in field crop rotations
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Kolosova M.A., Getmantseva L.V., Bakoev N.F., Kolosov A.Yu..
Mitochondrial DNA tRNALeu and tRNASer polymorphism in different pig breeds
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Zaznobina T.V., Efimova L.V., Ivanova O.V..
Physicochemical properties of milk by red-motley breed cows
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Vakhrushev A.A., Buravleva V.P..
Melliferous flora of Chernyaev forest and melissopalynology analysis of honey products of a school apiary
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Simonov M.V., Mokiev V.Yu..
Theoretical definition of legume grass seeds degree of extraction done by machine for seed extraction
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Bekulov H.M., Bekulov V.H..
Structural shifts in land use in the agricultural sector of the Kabardino-Balkar Republic (the results of national agricultural censuses)
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Baibakova T.V..
Economic evaluation of the enterprises efficiency in the dairy sub-complex of the agro-industrial complex (the case of Kirov region)
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