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Estimation of winter rye gene pool for productivity under conditions of Kirov region

doi: 10.30766/2072-9081.2018.66.5.24-29.

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E.S. Parfenova, PhD in Agriculture, researcher, Head of the Laboratory,  
E.I. Utkina, DSc in Agriculture, senior researcher, Head of the Department of winter rye, e-mail:,
L.I. Kedrova, DSc in Agriculture, leading researcher,  
M.G. Shamova, PhD in Agriculture, junior researcher  

Federal Agricultural  Research  Center  of  the North-East  named N.V.Rudnitsky,  Kirov, Russian Federation, e-mail:

Insufficient yield capacity potential of varieties is one of the reasons for decrease in areas and production of winter rye grain. Creation of productive varieties adaptable to region conditions is possible with the use of modern sources of breeding-valuable  traits  that meet demands of growing conditions. The purpose of  the  research was  to assess the yield capacity of 578 varieties of the world gene pool and 86 varieties of domestic selection in the conditions of the Kirov region and to select the sources of breeding-valuable traits. Studies were done in 1996-2015. During  the study  in collection nursery 9 varieties with yield capacity at  the  level of standard Falenskaya 4 (400 g/m2) were  selected: Zhatva, Nadezhda, Narymskaya  89  (Russian Federation); Feya  (Belarus); Lira, Pallada  (Ukraine); SСW 1662 (Germany); (k-11060) local (Finland); Suceava 317/76 (Romania). Nine sources of valuable traits on the density of productive plant stand (> 371 pcs./m2) were selected; 15 – on ear productivity (> 19 g), 23 – on the grain size (weight of 1000 grains >36 g). The following varieties of domestic breeding have high potential of yield capacity:  Purga,  Tatyana,  NVP-3,  Pamyat'  Kondratenko,  Grafinya,  Rushnik,  Tatarskaya  1,  Estafeta  Tatarstana,  Era, Volkhova, Roksana, Populyaciya BC, Chulpan 7, Pamyati Kunakbaeva. Heavy-productive varieties (variety Era had the maximum yield capacity – 8.28 t/ha) in some years suffer significantly or even completely die at overwintering during  the period of snow mold (Microdochium nivale) epiphytoty. Varieties bred  in Russia Pamyat Kondratenko, Chulpan 7, Populyaciya AC, Marusen'ka, Irina, Antares, Volna, Radon', Tatarskaya 1, Saratovskaya 6, Saratovskaya 7, Kirovskaya 89, Snezhana, and Krona can be recommended as a source of high ear productivity. Eight sources of large grains and 12 sources of grain number in an ear have been selected. Work collection of gene sources for use in modern winter rye breeding programs of the North-East breeding center has been formed.

Keywords: winter rye varieties, yield capacity, productive plant stand density, grain size, ear grain content, sources of traits

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Parfenova E.S., Utkina E.I., Kedrova L.I., Shamova M.G. Estimation of winter rye gene pool for productivity under conditions of Kirov region // Agrarnayа nauka Evro-Severo-Vostoka. 2018. Vol. 66. no. 5. pp. 24-29. doi: 10.30766/2072-9081.2018.66.5.24-29.