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Sources of naked oat for grain quality breeding

doi: 10.30766/2072-9081.2018.66.5.18-23.

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G.A. Batalova1, DSc in Agriculture, professor, academician of RAS, deputy director, chief researcher,  e-mail:,
N.V. Krotova1, PhD in agriculture, researcher,
E.N. Vologzhanina1, PhD in agriculture, researcher,
O.A. Zhuikova1, PhD in agriculture, researcher,
G.P. Zhuravleva1, junior researcher,  
M.V. Tulyakova2, researcher
1Federal Agricultural  Research  Center  of  the  North-East  named  N.V.Rudnitsky,  Kirov,  Russian  Federation,,
2Falenki breeding station – branch of Federal Agricultural Research Center of the North-East named N.V.Rudnitsky, s. Falenki, Kirov region, Russian Federation,

Ninety-eight varieties of naked oat were studied in Federal Agricultural Research Center of the North-East (Kirov, Kirov region)  in 2012  - 2017. Growth conditions differed  in years,  the sum of active  temperatures  from May  till August varied  from 1135º  in 2017    to 1632º  in 2016. Studies were conducted according  to Methodical directions on study of barley and oat world collection (2012). Estimation of grain quality (content of protein and fat) was done with the use of INFRAMATIC 8620 system. The released naked variety Vyatsky was the standard. Productivity of naked oat samples in 2017 varied from 111 to 511 g/m2  and had an average value of 300 g/m2 . The variety 282h09 (Russia) had maximal productivity (149%), an average level for the whole period of studies being 283 g/m2  (80.6%  to standard). High stability of production (average 311 g/m2  or 95%  to standard) and grain quality (protein content 15.57%) raised the possibility of using the variety PZS-LYM-03 (China) for creation of productive oat genotypes with high grain quality. There were selected 38 sources of naked oat  including  those having minimal amount of husked grains in yield (0.1…0.9%) – 358h10 (Russia), BAYS -159 (Belarus), BAI 6057, BAI 6105, 15149 local (China), 15091 MF 9224-336, 15158 MF 9224-359 (USA); having high grain protein (15.91…16.12%) – 15089 MF 9224-106, MF 9224-247 MF 9521-281 (USA) and fat (4.35%) – 15094 MF 9521-247 (USA). Varieties with higher protein content had lower fat content and viсe versa. Larger amount of husked grains in yield was noted in years with higher temperatures during the period from ear emergence to wax maturity and at abundant precipitations during the period from sowing till shooting.

Keywords: variety sample, segregation of husked grains, protein, fat, resistance, amount of grain per panicle, productivity

For citation:

Batalova G.A., Krotova N.V., Vologzhanina E.N.,  Zhuikova O.A., Zhuravleva G.P., Tulyakova M.V. Sources of naked oat for grain quality breeding // Agrarnayа nauka Evro-Severo-Vostoka. 2018. Vol. 66. no. 5. pp. 18-23. doi: 10.30766/2072-9081.2018.66.5.18-23.