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№6 (67) - 2018

Review Articles

Titova V.I..
Approaches to indices choice and the experience of assessment of soil covering ability to realize general biospheric functions
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Kedrova L.I., Utkina E.I..
The influence of soil acidity on the yield of winter rye and the possibility of edaphic selection (review)
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Plant Growing

Amunova O.S..
The influence of meteorological conditions of vegetation on the content of photosynthetic pigments in leaves of soft spring wheat
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Kazak A.A., Loginov Yu.P..
Comparative study of mid-season and middle-late varieties of strong wheat of the Siberian selection in a forest-steppe zone of the Tyumen region
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Slyudova E.A., Vedernikov Yu.E..
Influence of sowing and harvesting data on the yield and sowing qualities of spring wheat Bazhenka seeds
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Konstantinova I.N., Vladimirova E.S..
The study of source material by the traits of early maturity, plant height and resistance to lodging in the conditions of Central Yakutia
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Kuryleva A.G..
Adaptive reaction of barley varieties during environmental testing in the Udmurt Republic
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Pislegina S.S., Chetvertnykh S.A..
Productivity of pea varieties in a competitive varietal test under conditions of Kirov region
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Malysheva N.Yu., Dyubenko T.V., Nagiev T.B., Kovaleva N.V., Malyshev L.L..
Seasonal dynamics of growth of varieties and wild samples of perennial forage crops in the conditions of the Leningrad region
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Konstantinova S.P., Ivanova I.Yu..
Maturity group of perspective potato hybrids in the conditions of the Chuvash Republic
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Sofronov A.P., Firsova S.V..
Introduction of viburnum opulus in Kirov region
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Kurbanova M.N., Trishkaneva M.V., Semenova Zh.A., Kolokolova A.Yu., Levshenko M.T..
Isolation and identification of Alicyclobacillus genus bacteria in domestically produced apple juice concentrates
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Patsyuk L.K., Fedosenko T.V., Medvedeva E.A., Nariniyants T.V..
The functional food product on the basis of topinambur
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Fodder Production

Nelyubina Zh.S., Kasatkina N.I..
Photosynthetic activity of a birds-foot trefoil depending on agronomic techniques of the Middle Urals
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Agriculture, Agrochemistry, Amelioration

Lednev A.V., Dmitriev A.V., Pegova N.A., Popov D.A..
The influence of the initial amelioration degree on the agrophysical indices of long-fallow sod-podzolic soils
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Artem'ev A.A., Gur'yanov A.M..
The effect of mineral fertilizer use technology on crop rotation weediness
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Khvostov E.N., Prokina L.N..
The effect of primary and preliminary methods of soil treatments and fertilizers on the productivity of field crop rotation link
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Babitskiy L.F., Sobolevskiy I.V., Kuklin V.A., Ismailov Ya.N..
Theoretical backgrounds for the bionic substantiation of the parameters of the ring-cutting soil-cultivating roller working bodies
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Glushkov A.L., Sychugov Yu.V., Lazykin V.A..
Research of the second pneumоseparating channel of the machine for preliminary grain cleaning MPO-30R «VELES»
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Puchkov E.M., Galkin A.V., Uschapovsky I.V..
The economic efficiency of the innovated technology of the primary processing of linseed straw
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Kostyaev A.I..
Conceptual approaches to the development of rural areas, taking into account the European experience
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