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Effect of ecdisteroids complex end probiotic on state of blood and save of sucking-pigs

Pages: 40-44.

Ivanovsky A., Latushkina N., Timkina E.


Results of investigation on study of the influence of Normalife probiotic, bioinfusin preparation and phyto-complex with leuzea (FANT) and their combination on biochemical and morphological factors of blood and safety of sucking-pigs are presented in article. The amount of leukocyte increased in all experienced group by 9-14%, erythrocyte by 14-30% and hemoglobin by 8,0-12%. It is established that using Normalife probiotic, ekdisteroid complex FANT and bioinfusin promotes the normalizations of the metabolic processes in organism of sucking-pigs. The content of total protein increased by 3.5 - 8%; the ALT factor decreased by 8-15%, AST factor - by 3-13%, MDA factor - by 5-14%, and alkaline phosphates on 3-5%; content of SH-groups did not suffer reliable change (R > 0,05) in all experienced groups. The levels of transaminases (AST, ALT) in whey indicated absence of the negative influence of testing preparation and their combination on animal liver. The most denominated positive effect on organism of sucking-pigs was noted after complex using of Normalife preparation and FANT, as well as Normalife and bioinfusin. Safety of sucking-pigs in all experienced groups reached 100% whereas in control group formed 90%.

Keywords: normalife, bioinfusin, FANT, leuzea, ecdisteroids, probiotics, blood, immunity, sucking-pigs