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Influence of alpha amylase activity on baking qualities of winter rye

Pages: 15-18.

Lyskova I., Shljakhtina E., Rylova O.

ГНУ Фалёнская селекционная станция НИИСХ Северо-Востока, п. Фалёнки, Кировская область, Россия


The results of researches on estimation of alpha amylase activity in grain of winter rye varieties of competitive variety trial on Falenki Plant-Breeding Station in 2011…2013 are submitted. The most of varieties concerned to 1 and 2 classes of quality by number of fall in favorable years (2011 and 2013). In 2012 the increased activity of alpha amylase is marked – parameter "number of fall" changed from 84 up to 168 seconds for different varieties. The greatest estimation on quality of bread in 2012 had variety Falenskaya 4 – 3.21 points. In 2013 all varieties belong to one group by a general baking estimation and had 3.43 points. In the given period of study varieties Falenskaya 4, Rushnik, Flora, and Rada have formed grain of higher quality on number of fall irrespective of conditions of grain formation.

Keywords: winter rye, variety, alpha amylase, falling number, height of amylogram, baking qualities