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Oats varieties and their resistance to different diseases

doi: 10.30766/2072-9081.2014.40.3.12-14.

Pages: 12-14.

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Razumova V., Razumova A., Antonov V., Batalova G.


The assessment of varieties in ecological tests on the stability of yield, resistance against unfavorable growth conditions allows to separate varieties having largest degree of adaptation to conditions of the particular region among a large number of newly created varieties with high potential productivity. The ecological test of varieties and selection numbers of oats in the Chuvash Republic has been carried out. The perspective high-yielding selection number adapted for local conditions, resistant to diseases, having a high natural weight and high content of protein in seeds has been discovered. It has been determined that the best variety of oat among the investigated ones is selection number of covered oats 44h06, which is equal by productivity to the standard variety Hunter. It is also characterized by a largeness of seeds. The high results on yield were shown by selection numbers 64h03 and 588h04. The huskless varieties were resistant to diseases but concede to covered varieties.

Keywords: oats, variety, selection number, disease resistance, productivity