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Prevention of gastrointestinal diseases of calves with application of biologically active substances

Pages: 36-39.

Burova O., Blokhin A., Isaev V.


The problem of ill of the newborn calves with diseases manifesting digestive problems does not lost its relevance. In many ways, the emergence and development of this pathology is associated with profound metabolic disorders and immune status. Therefore, the aim of our work was to develop a new way of preventing of gastrointestinal diseases in calves using biologically active substances that have a specific effect on its key etiopathogenic aspects of gastrointestinal pathology. A method for prevention of gastrointestinal diseases in calves using biologically active substances provides as a result of research carried out in the conditions of the economy. It consists of two stages. At the first stage , drug «Baikal EM1» used in a dose of 30 ml/head once a day orally in addition to the basic diet of dry cows within 30 days before calving and 30 days after calving. At the second – phyto-infusion fermented with microorganisms of drug «EM-Kurunga» in a dose 150 ml/animal 2 times a day for 10 days was input orally in newborn calves from the 2nd feeding with colostrums; mixoferon at a dose 900,000 UA/animal in the 1st, 2nd and 8th days of life, and nitamin, and sedimin at a dose of 4 ml /animal in the 1st and 8th days of life were additionally given intramuscularly

The developed method of preventing of gastrointestinal diseases in calves in the early postnatal period has a positive effect on immunobiochemical homeostasis, growth and development of calves. Application of the method provides increased safety of calves up to 93.3 %, reduction in the incidence by 73.3% and an increase in daily weight by 36.5 % compared with the control.

Keywords: biologically active substances, calves, gastrointestinal diseases, prevention